Eric Lefkofksy and Tempus Seek to Revolutionize Cancer Treatment

The Geek News website recently published an article by Michael Garrison titled, “Tempus’ Cancer Care: Patient Information Driving Big Data Analytics.” The article discusses Eric Lefkofsky’s latest venture and the attempt to revolutionize the way cancer is treated. Eric Lefkofsky started Tempus in 2015 to put all the medical data to use. Big Data has shifted the way modern citizens interact with the world around them. We are all leaving data points every day that could be collected and analyzed. This data would provide a deep insight into the way we live our lives. Tempus seeks to use medical data to revolutionize the medical industry.

The data points gathered in clinical notes, lab reports, pathology reports, and even radiology scan all provide deep insight into the possible cure for the individual’s health issues. When Tempus combines the medical data with information gathered from the top universities and labs, they are able to provide the best possible precision medicine. The Chicago-based company uses the therapeutic, phenotypic, and outcome data of different treatment options and pairs it with the molecular data gathered for each patient to provide deeper insight for the oncologists.

Oncologists are able to discover the best possible treatment option for each patient since they are able to understand the tumor at the molecular level. Tempus collects data with the help of a variety of partners like the NYU School of Medicine and the Comprehensive Cancer centers that help analyze genomic sequencing data. They review data from hundreds of patients that will ultimately improve therapy that the outcome of treatment.