Lincolnshire Management’s Partnership with Holley Performance Products

Lincolnshire Management Inc. is an individual equity firm that is based on acquiring and investing in expanding middle-market firms from various industries. It stakes into the acquisition of individual firms, management buyouts, growth equity, joint divestitures and re-subsidization for private and public companies. Recently, Lincolnshire disclosed that Holly Performance Products is to be sold to an associate of Sentinel Capital Partners. Holley Performance has partnered with the associate’s Driven Performance brand.

Holley Performance Products was founded in 1903 and has the most extensive network for designing, manufacturing and marketing of brand products and operates on automotive aftermarkets with steady and growing performance. For over a century, with performance expertise and product knowledge, Holley Performance Products has been a quality pillar that is identical to the American Performance Culture. The company has created a firm industry and offers a lifestyle advertise. Its mission is to increase value and joy to devotee’s vehicles to fuel their affection for automotive.

A principal at Lincolnshire Management, Ben Barlett, admits that Holley is an exemplary variety and it has a foreseen ability to build a legitimate network and advance innovation by way of direct product evolution in partnership with devoted consumers within the industry. He also adds that work steering changes in consumer choices and technology has been done. This has resulted in tripled revenues during the investment period and gains made in quadruples.

The CEO and Chairman of Lincolnshire Management, T.J. Maloney, together with his team worked in partnership with Holley’s management team, since 2013, towards completion of a very combative drive and acquisition approach that is important for organic improvement through added investment in development of new products. He was impressed by Holley’s management team. With their leading product portfolio and brand strength, they presented to Lincolnshire Management a very brilliant investment opportunity.

Tom Tomlinson, the President of Holley Performance Products, is grateful to Lincolnshire Management for providing remarkable knowledge for Holley’s products, market and consumers on a daily basis since their partnership. The growth of Holley is accredited to Lincolnshire Management for being able to understand the complex issues that Holley faces. See the company’s profile here

Agera Energy BBB Review

Agera Energy is a retail energy company that specializes in providing both electricity and natural gas. Agera Energy is neither linked to any other firm nor endorsed by any state commission or local utility. Currently, it has become tough to gauge a company’s performance based on user’s reviews and testimonies since many are usually offered incentives to leave positive customer reviews.

This has comprised the whole process, but fortunately, there are genuine and trusted energy companies to trust such as the Better Business Bureau. Recently, Agera Energy was awarded a complaint free award by the Better Business Bureau. This award is offered to businesses that have acquired incredible performance in ethical businesses practices.

The award acknowledges the best customer care services as well as the company’s dedication towards maximum customer satisfaction. Agera Energy feels honored to have been featured in the list of BBB approved businesses and for the ward as well. This is a clear indication that the firm has been exclusively good in its energy product services and the way they handle their customer.


Madison Street Capital Awarded Turnaround Of The Year

The Madison Street Capital reputation has grown significantly after the company was awarded Distressed M&A Deal of the Year for some of the investment firms recent work. Most notably, the company was given the award for its work as an exclusive advisor to Sachs Capital Group during its purchase of RMG Networks. Virgo Capital also invested in RMG Networks alongside Sachs Capital Group; according to reports, Merion Investment Partners provided the debt financing for the deal.



Reports have also suggested that Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen took the lead on Madison Street Capital’s part. Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital’s Founder and CEO, has said that the company was honored to receive the award. Mr. Botchway has said that the award is another spotlight on the companies ability to provide high-quality service in each of its services, as well as Madison Street Capital’s ability to navigate extremely complex transactions and close them without much difficulty.



Roger Aguinaldo, Founder of The M&A Advisor which gave out the award, has said that the winners represent some of the best businesses in the industry in 2018. Mr. Aguinaldo also noted that all of the nominees were outstanding and that it was quite difficult to choose the actual winners. He also said that it’s increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and that each of the winners represented some of the highest levels of performance in the industry.



Among the other awards that were given out were Turnaround Product/Service of the Year, Firm of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Restructuring of the Year, Transaction of the Year and Professional of the Year. All told, 275 companies across the United States were represented in the nominations; these were then judged by a panel of independent industry experts to decide the eventual winners. According to reports, it’s been increasingly difficult to decide the winners in the past several years due to how impressive the majority of these companies have been.



Madison Street Capital delivers corporate financial advisory services and merger and acquisition expertise to businesses across a variety of different industries. It’s also been known to offer financial opinions, and valuation services to a variety of private and public businesses. The company focuses on emerging markets as Madison Street Capital sees them as a core driver of growth for many of their clients. As a result, many of the investment firms efforts are focused on growing these markets on behalf of their clients.


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Guilherme Paulus: The Success Behind CVC

Guilherme Paulus is a serial entrepreneur that has conquered the tourism industry in Brazil. The Brazilian started a tour company called the CVC Brasil Operadora after ending his internship at IBM. This was after meeting his co-founder Carlos Vincente. Mr. Vincente intrigued Guilherme Paulus with the idea of starting a travel Agency in Brazil.

Guilherme did not have the money to start a business. However, Carlos Vincente provided the funds, and they opened a small store in Sao Paulo. 4 years on, Carlos dropped out and Guilherme took on the business alone. Guilherme dominated the Brazilian tourism market. He made CVC to become the biggest tourism company not only in Brazil but the whole of Latin America.

Guilherme took the company public in 2009 selling off 63% and 27% to the Carlyle Group to help broaden his goal in the tourism industry. The company has grown to garner $52 billion in sales every year. Guilherme Paulus furthered his investment opportunities by opening a new chain of hotels called the GJP Hotels and Resorts. He invested over $600 million in the business. He constructed 24 hotels and resorts in every major city in Brazil. By doing so, Guilherme Paulus created jobs for over 5000 Brazilians in his hotels.

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He did not hesitate when an investment opportunity arose. In 2016, Guilherme purchased the airline Webjet. Then, the company only had one charter airplane. Guilherme Paulus worked on the company and by the time he was selling it, he had gained 20 more airplanes for the airline. Operating in 20 cities around the country, the airline became the third largest in Brazil.

The investments Guilherme Paulus has made in Brazil made him receive the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2017. Not only that, he receives the Executive of Valor award by Valor Economico and named Personality of the year by Viagem e Turismo. His love for his country has put him on the front lines in promoting tourism. When his country came up with a new Visa program with France, he championed for French tourists to visit his country. The French gave him a special award for his efforts.



Oren Frank Talks Mental Health

Talkspace, an online therapy service which strives to make therapy accessible to everyone, continues to pick up speed, and currently claims to have one million users. Offering an alternative to traditional therapy, Talkspace allows clients to connect with a therapist through video chat or messaging. After more than five years in business, Chief Executive Officer, Oren Frank, says Talkspace generates revenue in the tens of millions.

The company recently hired a chief medical officer. Neil Leibowitz, former United Health senior medical director became a part of the Talkspace team in April of 2018. This move allowed business to expand as prescribing medicine through the app became a possibility. However, state and federal regulations limit prescription to the video tool. Watch Oren Frank on Youtube.

Frank hopes to build up business in the corporate world as employers are increasingly recognizing the importance of the mental health of their employees. Depression and anxiety, which has increased among millennials, has a negative effect on productivity. Therefore, providing employee access to a service like Talkspace is beneficial to companies. Frank anticipates partnerships with businesses will make up half of Talkspace’s revenue by 2019.

Oren Frank uses his Twitter account to further his positive mental health messages. Frank shares articles, resources, and books that may be of interest to anyone struggling with a mental health issue. For example, Frank alerted followers of the mental health benefits of disengaging from social media by sharing a recent study,

Recently, Oren Frank tweeted a link to a mental health success story whose author concludes that “mental health shouldn’t be a luxury for the rich”. Obviously, Frank agrees and is dedicated to the task of erasing stigmas and making access to mental health resources a priority. As Talkspace continues to grow, more and more people will be able to improve their state of mind by using this beneficial service.

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“Marc Beer: CEO of Renovia Inc “

Marc Beer is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and chief stakeholder of Renovia Incorporation. He is a seasoned administrator with over 25 years of commercialization and improvement involvement in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, indicative and gadget businesses. In 2000, Marc was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of a biotechnology company called ViaCellthat has some expertise in the advancement, protection, and gathering of blood foundational cells of the umbilical line. Under the initiative of Marc, the firm developed to in excess of 300 workers.


Marc got a call around over two years prior from a seventy year old gynecologist who had been doing medical procedure in the pelvic floor throughout the previous 35 years and committed the last seven to 10 years to discovering how he could enable ladies to maintain a strategic distance from medical surgery, which is somewhat the ideal individual to consider the development that would be expected to keep these patients out of the operation room. What’s more, he got an idea, he discovered Marc through his network and biological system. Marc says he had never met Dr Beam Iglesias until he got that telephone call. And this is how Marc Beer got the Renovia company.


Renovia Incorporation, a startup helped to establish by Marc Beer, will push ahead with a number of new items for pelvic floor issue in the wake of shutting a $32 million round, alongside $10 million in endeavour obligation. The Fund by Longwood, a human-services health care firm invested earlier in Renovia, joined the Series B round, which was driven by New York-based Perceptive Advisors and Ventures. The subsidizing will go toward creating and testing four increasingly remedial and symptomatic items, including another age of the Leva gadget.


While holding the position of Chief Executive Officer of ViaCell, Marc additionally was on the board of the top managerial staff of Erytech Pharma, an open market biopharmaceutical organization. Before his time in ViaCell, Marc held different positions inside Genzyme, as of late as Vice President of Global Marketing where he was in charge of the business dispatch of a lot of items tending to uncommon malady populaces on a worldwide scale. Learn more:


Marc advises young entrepreneurs to manage assets and capital productivity. It’s so difficult to manufacture the innovative human service organizations and make early and late investors both an extraordinary return. He says it boils down to the basic objective setting, asset portion and capital proficiency. Also Marc Beer thinks in advanced medicinal services, there’s a twofold impact where one doesn’t need to do very extensive preliminaries on the grounds that the information catch on the patients is happening each day wherein customary treatments, regardless of whether it’s a restorative organization or a sub-atomic symptomatic organization, you don’t have information catch every minute of every day. You request that the patient return into a centre and complete a blood test or some other sort of marker. Hence makes it easier for patient treatment.


Michael Nierenberg, the President and Cheif Executive Officer of New Residential Investment corp

Michael Nierenberg is a highly prolific businessman and a professional investor who has worked in many investment firms in the United States. He is remarkable in all the companies which he has served for the excellent work of helping the companies scaling to greater heights and increasing their productivity. Currently, he is the chief executive officer, chairman and the president of New Residential Investment Corp. Nierenberg is responsible for the growth and development aspect of the company.

New Residential Investment Corp is a real estate investment firm which mainly focuses on investing and managing primarily residential real estate and any investment related to it. It is a publicly traded corporation which runs under the management of Mr. Michael Nierenberg. He aims after driving returns whose risks are adjustable through for aspects: Investments in servicer advances, non-agency residential mortgage-backed securities, associated call rights, and excess mortgage servicing rights. The company delivers returns which are useful in driving the strengthening and growth of dividends to shareholders.

Before serving the company, Michael Nierenberg has been working as the managing director of Fortress Investment Company. Fortress’s affiliate serves as external advisors and managers of the New Residential Investment Corp. The highly professional business personnel have served many companies assuming various top positions. Some of the firms include the Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was employed as the managing director of the bank and the head of global mortgages and securitized products. He started working with the company in the year 2008.

Nierenberg has also served as the head of global securitized products at JP Morgan Company. He was also a member of the board of directors of the investment firm. Before working with JP Morgan, Michael Nierenberg worked with Bear Stearns for more than ten years. He has worked as the head of interest rates and foreign exchange businesses, the co-head of structured products and the head of securitized mortgage-backed tradings. He was also a member of the board of directors of the investment firm.His work in all these companies was excellent and he deserves to be the CEO of New Residential Investment Corp.

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How to make money with Organo Gold and their story

Organo Gold is a brand that started out in the year 2008 that sells products such as coffee and tea. A man named Bernando Chua started the company, offering something new with organic products and a delicious taste to them. Organo Gold has offices located in the United States and Canada.

The brand uses ancient techniques as their coffee is made with an ingredient called Ganoderma Lucidem, which is from a mushroom and that is very good for living a healthy life with keeping cholesterol at a normal state all while filled with even more benefits. This is one of the elements that makes Organo Gold different from other coffee brands out there today as they also sell supplements, hot chocolate, and more. If anyone is interested in being an employee with the company, a page from their website lists their compensation plan with 7 different methods to get paid. Individuals will have to become a distributor and sell their products to people on their site or in person and make up to 50% of the profits.

Next is selling product packs with no limit on how many can be sold, typically between $20-120 can be made on each package that is sold. Growing the network can make money too as well as receiving bonuses from generated orders in the group. Building a team can also earn an income, rising in the ranks as a leader, and lastly having a certain amount of prestige.

Everything you need to know about Dan Bethelmy-Rada

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the youngest Global brand president for the L’Oreal Company appointed in early 2015 when he was only 40. After which he became quite popular for transforming the brand by offering new positions and creatively directing the brand towards a global presence. This helped create L’Oreal’s visual image. He has served the brand for more than 15 years and is known for being an innovator in his field. He has not only exemplary marketing skills but also demonstrates brilliant brand strategy worldwide. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is an avid supporter of diversity in the workplace and aims to create the perfect environment for his employees. Since he is in charge of a huge team and a number of different cultured employees, he aims to make a healthy and safe environment that would help innovation and ideas prosper. It would also bring the team closer.

Apart from his job, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has a reputation for training people for marketing positions. He helps people hone their skills in marketing. Many prospective employees opt to be under his supervision due to his leadership qualities and his motivational speeches. He is known widely for his honest team encouragements. He gives credit where it is due and helps people working under him come forth. He embraces diverse talents and helps them settle in their desired work category. He holds a key position in the industry and continues to rise to the top.

Not only does Dan Bethelmy-Rada excel in his career but his education is what got him to this position. He graduated from the Sorbonne with a degree in International Business. Next, he did his MBA from the ESSEC Business School in France in 2002. After his graduation, he began his career at L’Oreal Paris as a product manager and then moved on to a couple of international roles within the company. After, which he settled in Consumer Products Division in 2005. He later became the Assistant Vice President of Garnier International. Apart from his work and education, he enjoys photography and traveling. He also excels in anything social media related and digital.

Deirdre Baggot and her Contribution to the Health Care System

Deirdre Baggot holds various degrees including a bachelor’s, a master’s degree and a Ph.D. She is an experienced and well-trained hospital manager and doctor. Deirdre is the founder of the bundled payment system; she came up with the idea as a way to help the unprivileged get quality services at affordable prices. During her earlier years as a doctor in training, she showed a lot of concern to patients, her worries and desire to help motivate her to come up with the idea on the bundled system. Deirdre also contributed to the development of consultation services that aimed at ensuring the bundled system and was implemented in various hospitals, and that the idea came to light. For more information about Deirdre, view her crunchbase profile.

Deirdre Baggot over the years since the development of the system has come up with strategies that have helped plenty of health institutions in various countries. Her aim as a clinician is to ensure that medical centers are up to date and that patients are well-taken care. Deirdre is a focused woman who has improved and brought growth to the health care system. Currently, health care systems are well advanced and are advantageous to many. Deirdre provides advisory services to medical boards in various countries providing them with a path to follow as heads of medical institutions. She has held several executive positions including the head of some institutions that deal with the bundled payment system.

Deirdre Baggot is recognized as an icon in the health care system. She has paved the way for the less fortunate in society thereby enabling her to attend plenty of health conferences where she talks about her work and career. She has published a book giving detailed information on the payment system and has also made appearances in television programs. Deirdre has had several leadership roles over the years.

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