Anthony (Tony) Petrello Ongoing Philanthropy

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that the oil and gas industry is second only to the federal government as being unpopular.  In some cases, this is probably true, but there are men and women in the oil industry who because of their philanthropy have made significant contributions to our society. One of those men is Anthony (Tony) Petrello the president of Nabors Industries, the largest land-based drilling company in the world, operating from Houston, Texas.

While he is highly thought of throughout the world for his outstanding work in oil and gas exploration; the tremendous amount of public service he has accomplished garners him equal admiration. Tony is heavily involved in medical issues, particularly when children’s health is concerned, and consequently, has donated significant amounts of money in support of the Houston medical community. Anthony and his wife Cynthia Petrello received the sad news that their newborn daughter suffered from periventricular leukomalacia, an illness associated with premature birth; their daughter Carena was born 24 weeks early. After several operations, Carena’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy was a turning point in Tony’s life and changed everything.

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Anthony began looking into how much research was carried out in childhood neurological diseases; he was appalled by what he found. He discovered there was little research conducted; he was especially troubled by the lack of research into what he calls the DNA arithmetic of illnesses such as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.

Rather than sit back and accept the situation Anthony decided to become proactive, he first learned about neurological diseases, wanting to understand what causes these conditions and wondering if there might be better forms of treatment. Soon he gave almost $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital’s neurological research center. He is not only involved financially in the needs of severely impaired children he serves as a trustee for the hospital. Because of his involvement and enthusiasm for the ongoing research conducted at Texas Children’s Hospital, Tony has been able to enlist several of his oil industry colleges, including some of the most successful oil men in the world, to also get involved and support this research.

Anthony Petrello feels the ongoing research at the Texas Children’s Hospital will be beneficial to the millions of children who suffer from neurological disorders.

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The Exemplary Life of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a successful business person based in Michigan. Many came to know him in 2006 when he presented himself as a candidate for Michigan’s governor post. Unluckily he lost the position to his opponent, but this did not halt him from assisting his people. Dick DeVos is the President of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a platform that has transformed hundreds of lives in Grand Rapids area. In 2010, DeVos established the West Michigan Aviation School. This particular program was the nation’s first aviation public high school that created a possibility for interested students to attend school at no cost. Dick is an resurgent aviator while his wife has a great interest in the education sector which saw her being selected by President-elect Donald Trump as the secretary of education.

Since 2009, DeVos Foundation has been issuing financial support to ArtPrize, a competition based in Dick’s hometown. In 2010, together with his wife, Dick presented the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management with $22.5 million and with that it was renamed the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. The donation was the largest contribution that the institution had ever received hence had to share part of it with other arts groups in Michigan which had been hit hard by the economic crisis.

DeVos Foundation also promotes the free-market economics. The foundation donates money to organizations such as Grand Rapids-based Acton Institute, Hudson Institute, and the Heritage Foundation; which support the free market. In 2008, Dick and his wife founded The Dick & DeVos Scholarships. The foundation gives donations annually to Northwood University through scholarships, buildings and financial assistance to support students who wish to earn a BBA or BBA/MBA from the institution. Also, Dick’s foundation helps MA, MS and MBA students at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Besides, in 2011, Dick and Betsy donated $500000 towards an 18-month program meant to study the Lake Macatawa pollution sources.

The son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos is the President of Windquest Group, a venture that converts waste heat into electricity. Dick started working with his father’s corporation in 1974 holding different positions within the company. In 1984, Dick, a father of four, become Amway’s vice president charged with handling foreign sales. Under his leadership, the company experienced incredible international sales for the first time in its lifetime.

In 1993, Dick left Orlando Magic where he was serving as the President and CEO to succeed his father as Amway’s President. Under his management, the company has experienced tremendous growth regarding sales and market expansion. In 2000, Together with his brother, Dick monitored the restructuring of Amway to create Alticor placing their company in a global market. Judging from his contributions, Dick is an entrepreneur just like any other. However, his philanthropic acts put him on a different level.

Soros Spearheads New Progressive Agenda

Multi-billion dollar philanthropist, businessman, and social justice warrior George Soros is the main attraction at the upcoming Democratic Alliance meeting in Washington DC. This gathering is much more somber than many attendees expected before the Nov 8 election surprise at With the triumph of Donald J Trump the mood has gone from jubilation to all hands on deck.

George Soros is seen by many in the American and international progressive movement as one of the founding fathers of the modern liberal movement. The stunning defeat that liberals faced during the 2016 election has led to a great deal of soul searching within the party. Many of the party rank and file are looking to men like George Soros to find a way forward.

One of the major topics of discussion at the meeting will be the new Democratic National Committee chairman on Biography. Many people support Keith Ellison- who would be the first major party leader in the United States to be a Muslim.

Very few liberals are planning any major overhaul of the party platform- the goal is to change the messaging in a way that will resonate with working class voters in the middle of the country. George Soros has already pledged millions of dollars to fight the Trump agenda from New York to California.

While the vast majority of Democrats are united behind the alliance there is still a growing wing of the party known as “Berniecrats” who want to send the party even farther left. While George Soros most likely agrees with them politically the major differences come from the speed of the change.

One thing is for certain- the Democratic Alliance meeting will show the party a path forward for the 2018 and the 2020 elections at the very least. The entire agenda for the next two years will be examined thoroughly. George Soros has been a major power player in the Democratic party and it does not look like things will be changing anytime soon.

Securus Technologies, Inc. to Acquire JPay Inc.

Securus Technologies Company and JPay are teaming up to form a force for good. The two companies are combining to provide the ultimate platform for digitized entertainment, communications, payments, and education to the correctional space.


Securus Technologies Company is announcing today that it has signed a memorandum of purchase with JPay, Inc. this is a definitive Stock Agreement Purchase to acquire the company. JPay is one of the leading technology companies in the correctional space that offers digital payments as their biggest product. The company introduced automatic email, payments, and the host of educational and entertainment applications to the correctional market. The company has its operations in more than 33 correctional facilities in the United States.


The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Company, Rick Smith, says that this transaction will propel Securus Technologies Company to become one of the fastest growing technology companies in the correctional industry. For the company, the inclusion of JPay into their system means the production of different services into their system. For this reason, the company will increase their addressable market. The company will offer the software-based solutions to the inmates. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Company, the company has been admiring the services provided by JPay.



According to the President of JPay, the company has always wanted to expand their footprint. For this reason, the opportunity presented to them through the acquisition as one of the best ways form a better community. The main focus of the company is to develop high-end products that gain attraction on a massive scale. He is thrilled to combine this team as the most presentable gift to Securus Technologies Company.

Glen Beck Uses His Talent For “Media Mud Slinging” on George Soros

Somehow, it doesn’t seem fair that a media giant like Fox News, and one of its super stars (Glen Beck) is allowed to go to such lengths to publicly trash a man’s reputation without fear of consequences. While the one being set upon (George Soros) by media wolves is left defenseless with no equal air-time for his views unless he pays for it himself. Beck is a master at what he does, and he used his considerable skill in an all-out effort to paint George Soros with the nasty brush of innuendo.

Being a teenager in the days of the holocaust, the childhood of George Soros wasn’t an easy one. Forced to deny his own heritage just to stay alive among people hungry for Jewish blood was a hard necessity, not a desire, and yet Beck wasn’t willing to let it go at that. Could it be that politics and money are the real issue here and not the past?

Beck was very careful not to say anything that would get him sued, but nonetheless, outright lies whether spoken or inferred are still lies. The thing about lying is that the more public a life one has, the less chance you have of covering mistakes, and Beck should have known better. The only speck of truth in the entire 3-hour program was that “The World According to Soros” was printed in the The New Yorker. Dragging a man through the coals as Beck did George Soros by manipulating information to suit his story, well, that should have been forbidden by Fox instead of encouraged. But then, doing that wouldn’t have made a story worth 3-hours of air time.

In 1956 Soros took a job on Wall Street and put his talent for making money to use. George Soros made a billionaire of himself through currency and stock speculation then proceeded to fund civil movements in the Soviet bloc. It is said that as a private citizen, George Soros has done more than anyone to eradicate communism and his love of democracy continues to show in his efforts to help democratic causes all over the world. Yet none of this was mentioned in Beck’s program, and one has to wonder, why not?

After Beck’s program aired, many stepped forward to denounce it, and among them was the Anti-Defamation League. When an organization like that steps forward to complain, it makes one wonder. What were Beck and Fox thinking, did they do any research at all before they drafted the script for the special? Or, didn’t they think they needed to at least stay close to the truth? Apparently not. Maybe now Fox and Beck both realize that skipping the research didn’t do their reputations a lot of good.

It may have upped the ratings for one night, but when the truth comes out in a situation like this, all it does is make people angry at being misdirected.

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UK Vintners Let You Buy Wine Online

Wine is an essential part of any meal. The right wine can help show off the elegant notes in a piece of chocolate cake, demonstrate the deliciousness of a slice of duck and help people relax at the table. If you are looking for wine, you might find it daunting to start. One of the best ways to buy wine today is to buy it online. Buying wine online in the United Kingdom is easier than ever today thanks to the innovation of today’s UK vintners. With their assistance, you can start to create a fabulous and entirely unique wine cellar of your own.

Buying Wine Online From the Society of Vintners

Buying wine online has many advantages. Those at the Society of Vintners have helped make this process far easier by making it clear to consumers who can they can trust when looking for wine. Their society promotes high standards for those who sell wine. Under their patronage, wine sellers have been shown how they can reach out to their clients and help them locate the right kind of wine for tastes. The society has helped produce specific guidelines that aim to make sure that all bottles of wine in the United Kingdom are the promised vintage as well and may be drunk safely.

Looking at Wine Online

When buying wine, buying wine online allows you the opportunity to simply stay at home and choose from varied wines of all kinds. Many UK vintners have a wide variety of wines online. You can also pick out how much wine you want to buy at any time. You might want to buy only a few bottles to round out your collection. You can also choose to buy large quantities of wine online.

Making It Easy

Many ways have been proposed to help you buy wine more easily online. Important proposals include lowering the taxes on the wine as well as providing even more information about a given vintage. Many customers have also proposed requiring sellers to offer highly detailed information about the wines they would like to buy including the exact alcohol content, the history of the wine and the expected date of delivery as well as all delivery costs that might be charged.

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Recap: Wengie Hair Hacks for Lazy Girls

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie gives viewers “life hack” ideas involving hair. It is marketed toward “lazy people.”


Wengie’s first hack is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to make hair strong and shiny. Vitamins A, C, D, B12, B9, B6, E, zinc, iodine, and biotin are all good for healthy hair. She also uses Sugarbearhair gummy vitamins for extra care and to supplement your diet when you are busy or traveling. Her next hack is to make a fast pull-out braid style. First, tie a small section of hair at the top of your head into a ponytail, then keep tying ponytails further down, splitting the hair from the one above it around the next tail.


Her next hack is to use sulfate-free shampoo to avoid washing dye out of your hair or damaging it. Next, she suggests storing bobby pins in a Tic Tac container or sticking them to a magnetic strip to keep track of them. Wengie’s next hack is to make a DIY curling iron. Just heat up a metal utensil with a hair dryer, then wrap hair around it to make curls.


Next, Wengie suggests using a bobby pin to secure the end of braids if you don’t have small elastics. Next, she suggests propping your hair dryer in a drawer so you can dry your hair while you do your makeup.


Wengie’s next hack is to put a strip of hot glue onto each claw of a hair clip to improve the grip on your hair. Finally, she suggests making a messy bun using a sock. Cut the toe off the sock, then roll it into a donut and roll the hair of a ponytail around it.


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Add Wikipedia To Your Marketing Strategy

Online marketers are always on the hunt for a new way to gain attention for their products, services, company, or website. Generally, they are aware of the traditional ways to market their products. Online, they might target social media sites, newsletter, other sites, banners, and online ads. However, they should start thinking outside of the box and consider using Wikipedia in their marketing strategy. The fact is that Wikipedia is about the last place that online business people think about incorporating into their online marketing plans because just about anyone is able to contribute to the site. The overlooked fact is that when you make a Wiki page it is a wonderful way to market the business.

Wikipedia Advantages
Such a high ranking will lend instant credibility to your website and your business. The fact is that millions of people visit the site on a daily basis. The odds are that quite a few of those people might view your Wikipedia business pages and decide to visit your company Webster. Of course, Wikipedia has a number of rules and guidelines to follow. For example, any additions or even Wikipedia revisions submitted to the site must be notable. This is Wikipedia’s way of stating that all contributions must warrant inclusion. Of course, there are even more rules to follow. Generally, this is difficult and very frustrating. Therefore, it is advisable to seek professional Wikipedia writer’s to handle this important task.

Get Your Wiki
Often, it is a tremendous burden for a new marketer or even an experienced marketer to run their business and worry about writing business pages for Wikipedia. The fact is that once the pages are written, they require careful monitoring daily. Certainly, this is a difficult task for the average business person. However, Get Your Wiki writers are experienced Wikipedia writer’s that are up to the task. If you are a non profit, corporation, small business, or an individual, contact Get Your Wiki to write, edit, and monitor your Wikipedia pages. Get Your Wiki writes are very familiar with the Wikipedia writing style and they write pages that are immediately accepted on Wikipeda. Isn’t it time that you took advantage of Wikipedia professional writing services to take your business to the next level? Contact Get Your Wiki for more information.

Securus Clarifies All Claims of Global Tel Link in Their Recent Press-Release

On June 9, 2016, Securus Technologies released a Press release to clear up the confusion and misconception it creates due to some unlawful statements from Global Tel Link (GTL).

You might be aware of that Securus Technology is a multi-disciplinary technology firm that has been working to secure our penetration sector and other sophisticated agencies. Their categorized services also include incident management, emergency response, inmate self-service, investigation, communication, biometric analysis, public information and information management. Securus is expanding rapidly and recently are acquired JPay Inc.

The press release is a protest of GTL’s recently published press release where they unlawfully claim a lot of things those are either in the process of trial or not fully settled.

In the Pre-released issue by GTL, it clearly states that they are trying to push the things a bit harder and try to influence their clients that their claims are right and to the point. But, Securus has come up with reliable, transparent and logical answers to their demands and clear Securus’s stand.

GTL already argued that they got permission to claim 7,256,816 as their own and can seek injunctions and damages against Securus whereas the case stays in the Texas court. Securus is going for a rehearing on this permission of patent, and until it settled by count, neither party can declare it as themselves. They also stated few other claims and Securus corrected them as well.

Compared to GTL, Securus has more patents. All of their License trails went in their favor, and they collected around $60 million by claiming Patent. On the other land, GTL never won any trial.

In his statement, Richard A. Smith, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Securus Technology stated that GTL should be aware of that these trials take several years to solve and costs millions of dollars. Rather than spending this money on this trial which based on a few weak logics, they should spend their money wisely to expand their business.


Adam Goldenberg Walked Away From MySpace To Something Even Greater

If you had heard entrepreneur Adam Goldenberg say that he was abandoning MySpace’s parent company back in 2005 on Zimbio when it looked like the site was potentially going to take off, you might have thought he was crazy. Well, that is just what he did according to the Huffington Post, and so far it seems he made the right call. MySpace still exists but it’s fallen far from the place its founders had hoped it would become, while meantime Adam Goldenberg and his friend Don Ressler have started several companies, the latest of which is JustFab, and it’s taken off rapidly. A big reason for this has been Adam Goldenberg’s willingness to listen to his customers and stay true to his vision.

It was probably well-known that Goldenberg was going to have a great future ahead of him, but by far surprising in where that future would be. When he was only 15, he started up a company in his own house called Gamer’s Alliance, a website that pointed gamers to popular gaming sites. It was this startup that prompted Intermix Media, the MySpace founding company to hire Goldenberg as strategic director. Shortly, he became their chief operating officer at only age 20, the youngest on a publicly traded company. He helped start Alena Media, a subsidiary that he worked on with Don Ressler, the man who became his close friend and business partner at

Intermix Media did well under Goldenberg and Ressler’s vision, but then NewsCorp bought Intermix Media and MySpace out, and Adam Goldenberg and Ressler’s ideas clashed with those of their new bosses. So they decided they had enough and left the company and started up their own brands. The companies they founded included Brentwood Cosmetics and Intelligent Beauty, and soon they got the idea to start a women’s fashion line. This field was foreign to Goldenberg and Ressler, but they stuck to it and started up JustFab.

Goldenberg and Ressler’s JustFab became a social media hub, with basically no money spent on advertising but instead using the word of customers to promote it. JustFab attracted several key figures, including Kimora Lee Simmons who made JustFab’s fashion line her own. Also coming on board JustFab were actors Oliver and Kate Hudson who loved the way that JustFab operated.