Recap: Wengie Hair Hacks for Lazy Girls

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie gives viewers “life hack” ideas involving hair. It is marketed toward “lazy people.”


Wengie’s first hack is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to make hair strong and shiny. Vitamins A, C, D, B12, B9, B6, E, zinc, iodine, and biotin are all good for healthy hair. She also uses Sugarbearhair gummy vitamins for extra care and to supplement your diet when you are busy or traveling. Her next hack is to make a fast pull-out braid style. First, tie a small section of hair at the top of your head into a ponytail, then keep tying ponytails further down, splitting the hair from the one above it around the next tail.


Her next hack is to use sulfate-free shampoo to avoid washing dye out of your hair or damaging it. Next, she suggests storing bobby pins in a Tic Tac container or sticking them to a magnetic strip to keep track of them. Wengie’s next hack is to make a DIY curling iron. Just heat up a metal utensil with a hair dryer, then wrap hair around it to make curls.


Next, Wengie suggests using a bobby pin to secure the end of braids if you don’t have small elastics. Next, she suggests propping your hair dryer in a drawer so you can dry your hair while you do your makeup.


Wengie’s next hack is to put a strip of hot glue onto each claw of a hair clip to improve the grip on your hair. Finally, she suggests making a messy bun using a sock. Cut the toe off the sock, then roll it into a donut and roll the hair of a ponytail around it.


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