Rally Racer Michel Terpins

Michel Terpin values his family tremendously. He lives near his family in Brazil. The country of Brazil is where he considers home. He visits the United States every once in awhile. His family wants his continued success in rally sports. He looks up to and leans on his loved ones. He was the first family member to begin a career in rally racing. His motivation to be the best in racing is seen by fans everywhere. He continues to gain driving experience in all his competitions. Michel’s passion and happiness is rally racing.

Jack Terpins, his father, has a big name in sports media. Jack became famous playing basketball in the 1970’s. His father’s career gave him the drive to pursue his passion. Jack’s successes in sports and business have inspired Michel to reach for the stars. His dad guided him to try a variety of sports growing up. Experiencing different sports brought him to the world of racing. Rally racing became the career he wanted to pursue. Terpins has become famous since his racing debut in the year 2002.

Michel Terpins paved a way for his brother. His brother Rodrigo made a debut in racing by joining Michel on the tracks. They both use their skill sets and work as a team to win competitions. Michel is a force to be reckoned with in rally racing. He looks up to his brother for all his hard work. The sports team he is apart of is located in Brazil. Michel drives alongside his brother in a T1 Prototype car. This specially designed racing car was named the T-rex. The Brazilian team brought the two brothers together for their skill set. Michel and Rodrigo are experts on rally racing. Michel has brought his racing team many successful wins over the years.