Ara Chackerian’s active involvement in wilderness preservation projects

One of the most precious resources in the world is the wilderness. None the less, this resource is also the most endangered. Aspects like droughts, fires, and intense storms pose significant threats to the wilderness. For these reasons, the need to protect the wilderness is one of great importance. In the process of protecting or managing the wilderness or instead, forestry, it is important to note that every single wilderness is diverse from the other. The differences are brought about by the forestry in the area, the wildlife population in the wilderness, and the commercial and recreational use of the area and all that it has to offer. The density of the wilderness and location is also a significant factor when determining the differences between these wilderness areas.



Visionary forestry experts like Ara Chackerian have put their best foot forward in the process of helping the society manage and preserve the wilderness. Through the use of scientific techniques, Ara Chackerian and a group of forestry experts are coming up with the most effective management strategies. Through extensive research, they have come up with ways to conserve and extend the lifespan of the wildlife population which is a crucial part of the wilderness. They do so by minimizing disease spreads and attacks on the animals and proliferation of the animals. Ara Chackerian has been looking into ways to generate revenue to maintain the scientific work towards the preservation of the world’s number one resource.


Who is Ara Chackerian?


Ara is a holder of a marketing and business management degree from the State University of Florida. Ara Chackerian has spent a most of his career life working in the health sector. He is the founder of BMC diagnostics which he also served in an executive position until it was acquired in 2007 by Health Diagnostics. After its acquisition, Ara worked for Health Diagnostics as the Executive Vice President of the research and development department. He also founded Embion which is now known as Provider Links.


Ara Chackerian has been an active investor for several years. He invests in startup companies in the healthcare industry. Other than his years of experience in healthcare, Ara is also an active philanthropist and is especially enthusiastic about forestry and wilderness management. You can visit for more info.



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