US Money Reserve Scores First In Category For Second Consecutive Year At AdSphere Awards

US Money Reserve uses a wide variety of video messaging to explain their gold and silver products including long and short form direct response television ads. They’ve been in the precious metals wholesale business since 2001 and have marketed some very rare editions including the recent Perth Mint Queen Elizabeth II Coronation gold and silver piece set. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

DRTV authority DRMetrix hosts an annual awards ceremony recognizing this was work with a variety of categories known as the AdSphere Awards, and US Money Reserve took first in their category in this year’s event, the second consecutive year they’ve done so. Angela Koch, US Reserve’s CEO credited the company’s marketing team with putting in hard work and delivering a message that customers understand.

US Money Reserve has been dedicated to maintaining transparency and integrity in an industry that has sometimes had scam dealers attempt to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. They’ve been recognized by the Better Consumer Alliance for their customer service and product delivery, and they’ve offered information on buying physical gold to customers explaining why they should own it.

The reason is because there can be periods when regular assets such as stocks and bonds can struggle, or deep emergencies when hyperinflation and runaway debt can hurt your regular bank account. But gold coins or other bullion can have long lasting value and could be critical during times like those.

US Reserve is led by experts who have extensive work with precious metals and minting including their main spokesperson, Philip N. Diehl who served as US Mint Director from 1993 to 2001.

Diehl accomplished many things in that role including encouraging Congress to pass legislation allowing the minting of the first platinum coin, and also designing a highly interactive e-commerce website. Today, Diehl offers insights to media outlets and is often a keynote speaker at various gold conferences, and he’s featured in the introduction to US Money Reserve’s gold kit.

Purchases of US Money Reserve’s bullion can be made either through calling their 1-866-646-8465 phone number, or by going to their website at

There, you’ll be able to browse through their certified coins and bars catalog, and you can also view information on current gold trends or the long history of its market performance. If you’re ready to make a purchase but need assistance doing so, US Reserve’s sales agents will be there to help you through Client-Connect Advantage.