Cone Marshall is a New Zealand Estate, Tax and Trust Law Firm that is Leading Globally

Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are the two principals of a law firm based in New Zealand, Cone Marshall, which deals in international trusts and tax. The firm was started back in 1999 and is based in Auckland, Parnell House, Level 3, Auckland 1151 in New Zealand. Karen Marshall had previously been based in London for about 10 years working in the Commercial Litigation department in a law firm before she joined Cone Marshall. She has worked at this law firm since 2005 and became a principal at Cone Marshall from 2006. She acts as an adviser to the statutory trustee companies and is quite experienced when it comes to managing trusts generally.

From 1980, Geoffrey Cone offers international tax planning and trust, trust and trustee management services. The Cone Marshall limited usually works with worldwide families plus their advisers and helps them in the establishment of New Zealand partnerships, trusts, companies and offering international wealth and advice on tax planning. In a certain May 2016 article that acts as Law Experts & Firm Directory, Geoffrey Cone is mentioned as the prototypical Tax Lawyer.

Cone posted an article on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook titled “New Zealand – A Model of Tax Transparency” in 2012. He used the article to debunk the notion that people have about New Zealand being a tax haven with private banking industries that are highly secretive. he also addressed the queries on why New Zealand had witnessed a high increase in the amount of foreign trusts it administered. He explained that the reason for this boiled down to the fact that New Zealand was recognized internationally as a stable, safe and top quality jurisdiction backed by a judiciary that is well-regarded and substantial professional and legal infrastructure. He pointed out that the great global reputation of the country made it appear safe for investors to base their assets.

Cone Marshall adheres to the highest trust transparency and tax principles and ensures that clients get trusted advice on the international trust law and tax.

About Cone Marshall Limited

The firm helps in establishing companies, partnerships and trusts in New Zealand and offering international wealth planning advice. Cone Marshall does not serve private clients as it provides its services to family advisers, attorneys, institutions outside New Zealand in order to plan their clients and private banks.