Richard Dwayne Blair is a financial professional with a patent enthusiasm for taming regular investors how to plot for their upcoming and their family best interest. His infectious passion for elucidating and guiding persons in need of information has inherent root. Since his mother, wife and grandmother were teachers, he was drawn into the world of education, and he received immediate information on how education can aid one’s knowledge and buoyancy to grow. In 1993 he arrived in the fiscal industry services after he has graduated from the University of Houston. With his skill in finance and the desire to help families and small business owners make a positive and substantial difference in their lives, he founded Wealth solutions in 1994 to offer proficient advice.

At Wealth solution, He considers that everybody needs a strategy to help them trail their financial objectives. In Austin, Texas Richard Dwayne Blair and the wealth services team gives his customers an approach that can assist them in many landmarks of life. He has perfected his awareness and skill in retirement preparation and focusses in helping his customers bridge the breach between forecasting for and existing in retirement. Clients are helped to pursue their vision of successful retirement. This is done through evading common difficulties and are given tactics for retirement income preparation. Wealth Services stays the course by sticking to its task of teaching persons how to make cleverer financial decisions.

As someone who is industrious and always dedicated to investor empowerment, he focuses on providing a highest possible customer service. Richard Dwayne Blair gain a deeper considerate of his regulars goals and apprehensions which gives him a chance to view customer’s current financial situation and retirement needs in order to provide a clear expectation and define the route by ascertaining the client’s menace tolerance, aims, strengths and prospects for growth. This supports him shape a strong rapport with his customers.

Clients are assisted in building a long-term venture plan that is routine tailored to his sole goals and fluidity needs. He manages modifies assets to support extreme capture performance in the week of the skyward market drive while reducing the influence that adverse market period has on customers’ portfolios.



In today’s world, almost everyone desires to own a home. Todd Lubar has been in the Real Estate business for almost 25 years and he is making this dream a reality to many aspiring homeowners through home mortgages.

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Through his company he has partnered with Legendary Financial LLC which he also owns, he has been able to give affordable to people who desire to build homes but would otherwise be overlooked by traditional lending institutions.

This company is a commercial lender and it gives loans to individuals and companies. Mr. Lubar also owns Charter Funding which he started in 2003 after his association in mortgage banking. This company is a branch of First Magnus Financial Corporation which is one of the biggest names in private mortgage organizations in America.

The Maryland-based entrepreneur also owns Legendary Properties, LLC which opened its doors in 2002. This company deals with Real Estate. Through this company, Todd Lubar has managed to purchase, rehabilitate, sell and get profit from more than 200 transactions which have dealt with family houses and multiple family units. In an article on Hackronym, through this company, he has been able to develop a cordial working relationship with banks and lending institutions to the extent that he is allowed to borrow up to $20 million.

This has also enabled him to work with people in various categories of building and constructions which has been instrumental in expanding his business rapidly. This involvement has assisted him in being a trusted brand in the home industry. This is because he can produce quality goods within a short period. He is the current Senior Vice President of Legendary investments.

Todd Lubar early career

Todd Lubar started schooling at Sidwell Friends School and attended high school at The Peddie School in New Jersey.Lubar studied at Syracuse University and he managed to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in speech communication in 1995.

After he graduated from University in 1995, his got his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked for this company for five years before moving to Legacy Financial group. In 2005 he accepted a job position as a Senior Vice President at Charter Funding.

Todd has also involved in other businesses such as; commercial demolition, recycling, night club industry among others. Todd Lubar has been ranked as one of the best mortgages in America more than once.Todd Lubar has a huge social media presence. Through it, he expresses his love for Real Estate and financial lending. The media branch also portrays him as a loving father to his two children.

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