Jacob Gottlieb Has Joined Forces With And Old Acquaintance

Jacob Gottlieb has joined forces with an old acquaintance. He and Stuart Weisbrod are back together again to create magic in the world of finance. The two men were very successful together at Merlin Biomed Group. Weisbrod is one of the original founders of Merlin and used Jacob Gottlieb for his portfolio manager. Stuart Weisbrod had a tremendous influence on the way Gottlieb would go on to do business in the future. While at Merlin Gottlieb achieved a large amount of success between 1999 and 2000. Gottlieb was a direct influence on bringing in many top clients before the company closed in 2007.

Jacob Gottlieb went on to have individual success as a businessman. He formed Visium Assessment Management with a 300 million dollar investment. The company’s worth quickly grew to over 2.5 billion. Gottlieb was even able to survive the 2008 financial crisis that ruined many other companies. Visium continued to grow and showcase an employee staff of over 200 members. There were offices in London, New York and San Francisco.

Visium remained on top of its game for over 10 years. The company would eventually come up against adversity in 2016 when three of its executives were accused of unethical practices. The company went under investigation for insider trading based on information provided by a whistleblower that had been working for the authorities. The FBI initiated charges against several members of the Visum staff.

Jacob Gottlieb was never implicated in any wrongdoing. He stayed on as CEO of Visum and saw the company through its world wind of troubles. The organization remained under investigation by the SEC. Gottlieb has dedicated his time to winding down the organization and returning funds to investors.

Jacob Gottlieb moved on yet again to take advantage of new opportunities. He formed Altium Capital. Altium Capital is a hedge fund that represents Jacob Gottlieb’s fresh start in business. Gottlieb is focusing on his previous expertise of healthcare investments. The company has already made a commitment to Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc, which is implementing processes that will save millions of lives in the future.