Success Story of Greg Secker

Mr. Greg Secker was born in the year 1975 on February 18th. He is a renowned master trader, philanthropist, and an international speaker. However, Mr. Greg terms his parenting role as more important. In the year 2003, he founded Knowledge to Action Group. This company is involved in combining numerous companies. These companies include Capital Index, Greg Secker Foundation, and Chart Software. These organizations partner up to teach people on trading methods. The main aim of teaching people on trade methods is to improve their lives.

Mr. Greg Secker earlier noticed that people faced many difficulties in the starting process of trading. This was because they lacked enough education on business issues. He added that the education available was not affordable to many. This caused the probability of people venturing into business with inadequate information very high. It was Mr. Greg Secker’s dream to give people information as a trading tool. He majorly put his focus on informing people about foreign transactions. He believed that this would be a perfect opportunity to better living standards of people at a relatively reduced risk.

Mr. Greg Secker used to work for companies which provided him with income. However, he was interested in teaching people on methods of making money. H e wanted to be a perfect example of making money while teaching people. This drove him to ensure that his teachings are put together with his programs. Greg believes that the process of making money should not be difficult. These because one only needs information on how to invest and the right time to do it. Mr. Greg was able to leave the corporate world at the age of 27 and trade at home. This was because of platforms such as Learn to Trade. This has been his way of life ever since. He then began off by teaching his family on how to trade in the Forex market.

Greg is the founder of Greg Secker Foundation, and he comes from a humble background. He began his career at Thomas Cook Financial service. He then shifted to finding a new business known as The Virtual Trading Desk which a foreign exchange company. This company provided a unique online platform for Forex Trading system. The platform provided ease in the market and was timely. This achievement helped him work with Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President. He recently founded Learn to Trade which has expanded its offices in South Africa, London, and Australia. This company boasts of educating over 200,000 people.