Infinity Group Australia’s Graeme Holm Brings A New Financial Perspective

Co-founder and director of Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm, is on a mission to help Australians lighten the burden of debt weighing heavily upon their shoulders just as a personal fitness trainer helps to work off those extra pounds with tough but caring guidance and consistency. He is empowering people to take control of their finances and futures using a unique approach that isn’t seen in today’s world of excess consumer spending as many financial institutions cheer them on into massive amounts of debt.


Ironically, Graeme Holm had almost a decade of experience working for these financial institutions before he and partner Rebecca Walker came up with a business plan in 2012 to encourage people to pay off debt while saving for the future instead of being caught in the trap of living paycheck to paycheck while barely scraping by. Their mission began with the idea that people need to not only be physically healthy but financially fit as well.


Graeme takes the approach of addressing individual aspects of each family his company works with to determine their overall financial fitness then comes up with a plan to determine where they can shed as many pounds of debt as possible. At the same time, each family is assigned a personal banker who oversees the debt management while helping the clients to build wealth and securing a stable financial future for their golden years.


Because of Graeme’s previous experiences with financial institutions, he identified a need for more one-on-one relationships with clients to see them not only through the home buying process but to also help them manage their financial lives. That’s when the idea for Infinity Group Australia was born. Possibly inspired by his new relationship with his physical trainer Rebecca, Graeme wanted to go the extra mile to help Australian families enjoy greater financial benefits from their hard-earned incomes which in turn would help strengthen families as well as communities.


New Infinity Group Australia co-founders and life partners Graeme and Rebecca were able to achieve the goals set forth for their new business venture by coming up with an innovative process to ensure financial fitness for their rapidly growing company and their clients at the same time. The process was a consistent, common-sense approach to money management. Unlike traditional mortgage brokers, once the home loan is sorted the financial relationship between Infinity and its client is just beginning. A personal banker is assigned to each client and a weekly family budget is established. To monitor progress towards paying off the loan as quickly as possible, a monthly “progress report” is provided to each client as well as 6 detailed reviews every month to ensure that goals are being met and followed through by the client. Learn more:


Graeme Holm and the Infinity Group Australia have not only created a new approach to digging Australians out of debt, but his impact on families and the community is invaluable. He has proven that you can build a profitable business while still doing what is right.