Renowned Songstress, Actress and Producer Rebel Wilson on Attaining Success in Showbiz

The acting profession has acted as an avenue for talented actors to showcase their talents to the general populace. Apart from nurturing talent, acting also serves as a way of highlighting various issues that happen in the society that impact on human lives.

Rebel Wilson is a lady who has surmounted all odds and emerged as one of the most popular actors not only in her home country of Australia but also on a global scale.

Education Background and Early Life

Rebel Wilson has been privileged to appear on various films during her tenure as an actress. Her acting skills were honed at the Australian Theatre for Young People where she studied and graduated in 2003.

Her abilities and rare talent was a critical ingredient that enabled her to scale the ladder of the acting career at a faster pace.

Rebel Wilson was born in 1980 in Sydney, New South Wales. Her family realized her acting talent when she was still young and supported her. Although Rebel Wilson reveals that she was quite shy during her formative years, she managed to overcome her shyness by venturing into acting and singing.

Her acting prowess was also reflected in her academics. She emerged the second best in food technology in her Higher School Certificate at Tara Anglican School.

Career Achievements

Rebel Wilson made a debut in the world of acting immediately she left school. She appeared on Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) on the comedy entitled Pizza. A firm believer in trying new opportunities, Rebel Wilson relocated to the U.S where she aimed to conquer Hollywood and beat the stiff competition.

Her relocation to the United States came after she won a scholarship that was offered by Nicole Kidman. Once in New York, Rebel Wilson enrolled at The Second City to improve her acting skills and be at par with her fellow competitors.

She seized the opportunity when she got a chance to perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival which was a subsidiary of the Sydney Theatre Company.

Rebel Wilson entered the limelight when she played a stage musical named The Westie Monologues. Later on, she produced other movies such as Spunks and An Exchange Student, all which she starred in.

Overcoming Setbacks

Challenges are part of everyday life. Rebel Wilson reveals that she also had to overcome numerous challenges that came her wayas she rose through the ranks of entertainment. Read more: Pitch Perfect Star Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Secrets | Today  and Rebel Wilson on Winning Battles Producing Films | Vogue

Some of the odds that came to her way were canceled shows, doubts from friends and fans alike and trying to succeed in a foreign country. Despite the challenges, she was able to surmount all of them and emerge as a star in the coveted acting profession.

Furthermore, Wilson also reiterates that she managed to conquer her timidness by engaging in public speaking events and by participating in debate clubs. It was during such stints that she mastered the courage to speak before large audiences.

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Rebel Wilson’s Movie Isn’t It Romantic Is On Netflix

 Romantic comedies revolve around the same theme and setting. First, they are set in beautiful scenes with bright lights and colors. The leading characters have a strong attraction that is clear to everyone else.

The leads also have a friend without a storyline; who are either very attractive or not attractive at all. It’s like their role is to magnify the traits of the main character. Well, Isn’t It Romantic follows a similar setting.

After showing in theaters only for the last two weeks, Isn’t It Romantic is now on Netflix. That means you can stream it from the comfort of your home.

The movie starts with a young version of Natalie (Rebel Wilson) the main lead, watching Pretty Woman romantic comedy. Her mother discourages her from believing the film since it does not happen in real life. Natalie grows up hating romantic comedies and romance at large.

Twenty-five years later, Natalie still hates romantic comedies and romance at large. Natalie is now an architect based in New York, though she is likely to be sent for coffee and not tasked with complex tasks like designing an upcoming skyscraper.

Her life transforms when a mugger attacks her on a subway platform. She manages to fend him off but runs into a poll as she attempts to escape. She wakes up later in an emergency room decorated with beautiful flowers.

She is greeted by a handsome doctor who tells her she is in an emergency room.It does not take long for Natalie to realize she is stuck in her own PG-13 romantic comedy. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She has a gay neighbor with no storyline, a female rival at her workplace, a handsome guy who looks her in the face while talking to her, and that best friend who was always perfect for, but she is blinded to notice the chemistry between them.

The soundtracks of the films are carefully selected to match the theme of love. Isn’t It Romantic is not a typical romantic comedy. It is satirical as it is entertaining even for people who hate romantic comedies. Every character in the film is perfectly cast making the movie lively. It surpasses the expectations of a romantic comedy that features Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth. Grab some popcorn over the weekend and pass some time on Netflix watching the movie.

Rebel Wilson was born in March 1980. She is an Australian actress based in the United States. Her acting career started after graduating from an Australian theater. She began appearing on films such as Pizza and The Wedge. After moving to the United States, Rebel Wilson was featured in Bridesmaids.

Rebel starred in Pitch Perfect film series, a musical comedy. She played the role of fat Amy. Her character in Pitch Perfect earned her many awards and nominations including Best Breakthrough Performance by MTV. Rebel Wilson also received the Teen Choice Award.

Though she is a star now, her road to fame was not an easy one. There was a canceled show, the doubters, and the relationship that didn’t work. However, she faced her challenges with determination.

Reasons Why Clay Hutson is the Future of Music Performance and Production

Giving fans the value for their money has been one of Clay Hutson philosophy in the music business. He understands that the modern music fan is keen on demanding better musical events. Throughout his career in music and especially in music events, Hutson has been keen on understanding more about modern music fans. It is through this learning curve that he has adopted the act of working for long hours without compromising his productivity. One of the areas in the music scene that Hutson has been part of includes being a stage manager for different bands and more importantly Kid Rock tours. In one of the recent interviews Clay Hutson, he pointed out that his days at music business start as early as 6:30 a.m.

In the music business, Clay Hutson points out that one must always have fresh and new ideas. He is fortunate to have worked for a long time in this industry. Hutson experience in this music business has been instrumental in his understanding of what is profitable and can work, and what is not. He points out that although the music world is complex, he has understood the act of managing teams and therefore giving better results as compared to having an individual approach to work. This approach, however, does not restrict Clay Hutson from experimenting on different entertainment approaches in his productions and tours.

In addition to having an incredible approach to business in music, the Theatre Design and Technical Production graduate has one of the best views about music production. For example, Clay Hutson points out that one of the main secrets of remaining productive in the busy world of music is always planning. In all the tours he has done in the past, outlining all the tour details helps him to assist the artiste he is working with to have better performances. This approach to productivity according to him does not make him enjoy less while managing musical gigs.

Due to his approach to business and creativity in the music production and performance, Clay Hutson has been fortunate to work with some of the best acts in the entertainment industry. He has always been lucky to work with big brands with huge interests in the musical world.

Alex Pall the Chosen One

The ambitious, DJing, New York native, Alex Pall, member of the pop duo, The Chainsmokers. After reading Pall’s featured interview on, I learned that Pall is no stranger to hard work, perseverance, and dedication. In the beginning years of his music career Pall worked in an art gallery during the day and DJ’d during the night. Pall purposefully started to build a career as a DJ in New York City. He consciously witnessed his passion for music grow rapidly around this time. Soon Pall’s love for dance music consumed his life. DJing and producing became so prominent in his life that it became more like a fun hobby to him instead of work. He decided to take his passion for music more seriously. His manager at the time introduced him to his current bandmate, Andrew Taggart. Taggart and Pall produced and wrote their own music together, alongside other talented songwriters for several years before they scored a number one hit with “Closer”. Alex Pall admit that him and Andrew hit it off almost immediately after meeting each other. Their love for music go as far as their childhood. Not to mention their incredible work ethic made it easier to determine if they wanted to create an elite partnership together.

Alex Pall reminds me so much of myself. I am a young multi-talented entrepreneur pursuing a career in the entertainment business. I am a server part time during the day and a filmmaker during the evening. My love for art never made me interested enough to work for a art gallery. However, I am a fan. I love the arts as much as I love good food. What I appreciate most about Alex is that he knew what he wanted, he knew what fueled him, and he went for it without hesitation. That alone gives me so much hope. It reassures me that no matter how hard it gets, I must continue to strive for whatever fulfills my soul.

Alex Pall Discuss Career and Future Of The Chainsmokers

In just a few short years, the Chainsmokers rose from obscurity to achieve international fame and acclaim but just how did this DJ and production duo come together in the first place? Alex Pall recently sat down with Mathias Rosenzweig to discuss the origins of the group and where they plan to go in the future. Alex talked about his upbringing in New York City and how he began DJ-ing in and around the big apple. However, it wasn’t until he met Andrew Taggart that he decided to pursue a professional career in music. Afterwards, they started working together on a daily basis. They both take their music very seriously which is how they knew their partnership would end up being productive and successful.

He also discussed how important it is to release their music in intervals so it has time to reach their intended audience. Pall then discussed the fact that they sing on their own songs which is rare for DJs to do. Nevertheless, they make no apologies for it, saying it’s important for them to sing on their songs, especially when it’s a song about them. He also believes it’s important for music to be grounded and relatable. When discussing their collaboration with Halsey, he mentioned what a cool and individual artist she is. She is the kind of artist with whom they enjoy collaborating. He then discussed the duo’s growing demographic.

Initially, their audience was predominantly college-aged kids but it has since expanded to include people of all ages. Despite their success, he says they don’t take any of their fame for granted and really appreciate all the fans who listen to and love their music. They’re also very passionate about their live shows. In the interview, he discussed how their concert will continue to grow and evolve alongside the music scene. Additionally, he mentioned how they don’t lip sync in their concerts, which is something not all artists can say, and they take great pride in singing live during their shows. And rest assured they’re not going anywhere. They plan on continuing their music careers as long as possible.