Lime Crime Takes Their Cosmetics To An International Fan-base

Lime Crime continues to be a very popular matte based line of eye-shadow and lipstick brand. They offer their customers rich shades and hues which compliment your best features. Their customers prefer their brand because it’s easy on the skin a diminishes those spots and unsightly rashes from traditional makeup. LC products remain completely vegan and hypoallergenic. Their products are easy to distinguish from their competitors and is easy to find by hand at the bottom of a cluttered purse. Enjoy names which guide you to your color choice like Beet IT or Velvet Red with two uniquely different blends of red.

They have decided to launch their cosmetics on an international market. Their global manager, Kim Walls says, they’re prepared for some issues, but the partnership with the China industry has been a success. They had to deregulate the distribution of replica matte cosmetics by introducing a e-commerce network to sell and ship their content. Walls also warns the black market in China against using beauty care products that aren’t authentic to avoid skin irritation or potentially hazardous results. Sources have not spoke on the net-worth of the deal, but did tell a popular online business magazine it would be a success for all parties involved.

Today, LimeCrime remains one of the online exclusive cosmetic brands in the industry, yet the haven’t found it hard to compete with other big name competitors. Visit their website for great first-time promotional purchase offers for free shipping on all orders over $50.