Meet Donata Meirelles; The Fashionista Who Adores Simple But Trendy Fashion

Donata Meirelles’s love for fashion is charming. For her, it is not about the cost, but is it customized to meet her needs? Would you imagine the style director of Vogue Brasil stepping out in a Tommy Hilfiger Gigi Hadid collection-capsule? Well, this happens very often because it comes with some inspiration for comfort.

The businesswoman has a smart mix of textures, which she refers to as street style. For example; the ankle boots have established themselves as a hit of the season. Their special touches have given them a fetishistic status, which brings in the most casual of the Comar sexy looks.

The use of accessories is an everyday affair for Donata Meirelles. They are sensual and inject that powerful look into any form of fashion. She will not mind having a mood of the 1960s, which refers to as “nothing minimalist,” as long as she can maintain the fashion sensation. The tip is to choose an element, which emphasizes spirit. Besides, a dose of mystery never stopped to be sensual.

To hundreds of people, crochet dresses are no longer a prominent theme. However, for the mother of one and soon to be a grandmother, they are critical pieces for summer days. They are extreme-desirable among many fashionistas.

During winter, Donata Meirelles will walk into that casual store and pick a piece jeans paired with a tuxedo. She looks so complete in it, and it is a perfect work dress code. She will accompany this look with a transparent plastic bag. Unfortunately, everything transparent has gone unnoticed. Visit her facebook account to learn more about her platforms.

However, the use of plastic bags has become the focus for a majority of smartphone users. In the wallet, you can put anything and everything, which should be in hiding including that makeup.

Plastic bags are suitable for everything and are indispensable having taken them a decade to get the shelves. Nonetheless, an organization in this trend is; and the idea is to maximize on it before the bags can leave the shelves.

For 23 years, Meirelles worked at Daslu where she joined at age 18 years. It is from this store where she birthed her ride for fashion and bloomed to become a fashion icon. She quickly defined her path and is now a representation of unique goals in fashion. The entrepreneur who is simple, fun and stylish says that becoming a grandmother will not blackmail her thirst for trends in fashion. Check out:

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