Nicolas Krafft Finds Beauty in Diversity

Women across the globe are looking forward to annual fashion shows and runway events that offer unique and trendy styles, famous models who are slaying the runway, high-end fashion brands that dominate the fashion industry, meeting notable people who have greatly contributed in our fashion world and a lot more. Fashion and beauty go perfectly together and it has been part of life. L’Oréal Paris held its second annual fashion and beauty show on a floating catwalk on the river Seine in the heart of the French capital last September 30. This brilliant idea came from its management and executives such as Nicolas Krafft who is currently the Vice President of Global Business Development of the company.

Furthermore, Nicolas Krafft has been part of L’Oréal Paris for years where he also worked as the Deputy General Manager of Eastern Europe and Marketing Director of Asia. Additionally, the fashion show was able to show off it’s new and in demand looks, it was the perfect opportunity for L’Oréal Paris to underline its ongoing commitment to making fashion and beauty even more accessible. The unique and successful event was open to the public and was attended by some of the most reputable and top names of the fashion and beauty industry. Women with high confidence and self-esteem were able to take center stage and the diversity among women’s beauty was the highlight of the show as L’Oréal Paris specially created a 60-meter floating runway on the river Seine. The models consist of famous celebrities including Elle Fanning, Eva Longoria, and Louise Bourgoin. The celebrities walked for L’Oréal Paris and were able to showcase the creativity and diversity of the brand and both of which are linked to the source of L’Oréal Paris’s inspiration, the French capital.

Celebrities and thousands of people who were able to witness the annual fashion show were stunned and amazed by the mission of the brand. Nicolas Krafft and the whole management of L’Oréal Paris continuously reaches out to women all over the world in helping the brand spread its vision through awareness and continuous support for the annual fashion show.

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