Madison Street Capital Awarded Turnaround Of The Year

The Madison Street Capital reputation has grown significantly after the company was awarded Distressed M&A Deal of the Year for some of the investment firms recent work. Most notably, the company was given the award for its work as an exclusive advisor to Sachs Capital Group during its purchase of RMG Networks. Virgo Capital also invested in RMG Networks alongside Sachs Capital Group; according to reports, Merion Investment Partners provided the debt financing for the deal.



Reports have also suggested that Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen took the lead on Madison Street Capital’s part. Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital’s Founder and CEO, has said that the company was honored to receive the award. Mr. Botchway has said that the award is another spotlight on the companies ability to provide high-quality service in each of its services, as well as Madison Street Capital’s ability to navigate extremely complex transactions and close them without much difficulty.



Roger Aguinaldo, Founder of The M&A Advisor which gave out the award, has said that the winners represent some of the best businesses in the industry in 2018. Mr. Aguinaldo also noted that all of the nominees were outstanding and that it was quite difficult to choose the actual winners. He also said that it’s increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and that each of the winners represented some of the highest levels of performance in the industry.



Among the other awards that were given out were Turnaround Product/Service of the Year, Firm of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Restructuring of the Year, Transaction of the Year and Professional of the Year. All told, 275 companies across the United States were represented in the nominations; these were then judged by a panel of independent industry experts to decide the eventual winners. According to reports, it’s been increasingly difficult to decide the winners in the past several years due to how impressive the majority of these companies have been.



Madison Street Capital delivers corporate financial advisory services and merger and acquisition expertise to businesses across a variety of different industries. It’s also been known to offer financial opinions, and valuation services to a variety of private and public businesses. The company focuses on emerging markets as Madison Street Capital sees them as a core driver of growth for many of their clients. As a result, many of the investment firms efforts are focused on growing these markets on behalf of their clients.


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