Sandy Chin Uses Her Expertise In The Financial Sector To Help Out Students At A School

Sandy Chin is Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager for Tidal Bore Capital. Prior to her time at Tidal Bore Capital, Sandy Chin was Portfolio Manager at a company called, Visium Asset Management, LLC. Her employment history also includes working for financial companies such as S.A.C. Capital Management and Neuberger Berman to just name a few.

Summer Reading Program

In an article dated January 7th 2019, Sandy Chin helps out a school in New York City. With her extensive experience and knowledge as Portfolio Manager, Sandy Chin immediately began working with PS11 (also known as William T. Harris School), a school located in the West Side. The students at this particular school needed books to read during the summer. The students at PS11 are diverse and generally come from the “two low-income housing projects” in the area. Financially, it would cause a great burden to the students and the parents to purchase and acquire summer reading material.

The article then describes that because students are out of school during the three-month summer break, the “normal reading load” decreases. Naturally, if students do not have access to books or reading material, students are more likely to fall back in their reading level during this time frame. The article mentions that Sandy Chin’s son also attends PS11.

The article moves on to talk about local libraries launching “summer reading programs” but because most families in the area do not have time to visit the library, having their own books is encouraged. It moves on to describe how books are often turned into “treasures” for children.

Book Drive

Sandy Chin and others decided to “hold a summer book drive” at the school to ask for donations of used books to be given to students. With great success, they have found that many donated books and now the kindergarten students of PS11 have books to take home with them during the summer break. The article moves on to talk about the excitement of the students as well as other topics pertaining to Sandy Chin. If you would like to read the full article, please click here.



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