The Entrepreneurship Journey of Hussain Sajwani

To succeed in your endeavors as an investor, you should use appropriate strategies that will enhance the growth of your corporation. You can also follow in the footsteps of prominent businessmen with Hussain Sajwani being a perfect example. In Dubai, UAE, DAMAC Properties has dominated the real estate sector through the leadership and guidance of Hussain Sajwani. As the company’s chairman, Hussain Sajwani oversees the progress of DAMAC Properties. He also keeps track of the marketing and consumer trends. Eventually, he makes crucial decisions regarding the projects that DAMAC Properties develops among other things.

Hussain Sajwani is a successful businessman who hails from a humble background. His father-Ali Sajwani was also a businessman who travelled to China to acquire commodities such as watches and pens. He would resell these products at the family shop that was situated in Dubai. Ali Sajwani also spent time with his son- Hussain Sajwani at the family shop, and he would tutor him on how to run a business entity. Hussain Sajwani became his father’s apprentice, and he was tasked with the duty of taking over the family shop after completing his studies.

Hussain Sajwani did not concur with his father’s decision since it did not align with his ambitions. Instead, he pursued a career in Industrial Engineering and Economics at the University of Washington after being accorded a scholarship by the government. After the completion of his studies, he got an opportunity to work as a contracts manager at GASCO, an Oil Company based in Abu Dhabi. Two years down the line, Hussain Sajwani retired to pursue his passion in life which was to become an entrepreneur. In the 1980s, he was privileged to start a catering company that served well-paying clients such as Bechtel (a U.S. based construction company). The company’s profit margins rose on an annual basis, and Hussain Sajwani began to develop small hotels around Dubai.

Although the catering business was progressing accordingly, Hussain Sajwani was still eyeing other investment opportunities. Fortunately, he identified the potential that was present in the real estate industry after the Dubai government acknowledged that foreigners could own land and other forms of property in the country. Even though Hussain Sajwani had to sell some of the property that he acquired while in the catering business, he was confident that investing in the real estate industry was a necessary risk. DAMAC Properties came into play in 2002, and under the steady leadership of Hussain Sajwani, the corporation has been categorized as the leading real estate company in Dubai, UAE.


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