Harry Harrison believes in diversity, humility, and collaboration

Harrison had been working with Barclays Non-Core which is based in London. He worked here from 2014 to 2017. Harrison is experienced in the banking sector having worked at Barclays for two decades. He was involved in the investment and trading. He attended the University of Warwick where he earned his degree in economics. Harry proceeded to the University of Cambridge and studied Master of Philosophy in Finance. Currently, he lives in New York with his wife, Amy Nauiokas. He runs an advisory and investment company known as Anthemis Group where he serves as the president. Harry is the founder of the company.

Where he got the idea of the company

Harry had always been curious about how organizations work. He wanted to discover how business ideas or models are transformed from theory to being micro-organizations. He was also concerned with the macro forces that lead to market function. That is why he decided to study economics in school and advanced his education because he wanted to have the knowledge required to thrive in business. After completing school, he was already convinced that all he would do was to venture into something related to finance. He launched his career over twenty years ago, and since then he has worked hard to be where he is today.

How he makes his day productive

According to Harry, he does not have a typical day. He had been working at Barclays which is a large organization, and after making it achieve its goals, he decided he wanted to take a break. His main aim of taking a break was to explore the world outside working for a large financial corporation. He says it has been different since he quit his job. Harry is happy to be at home and spend time with his family. He has experienced how it is like being with his kids. He has to be there to play with them, help them with their assignments, go for field trips and handle any problems they may face in their daily activities. During his free time, he tries pilates and yoga, and he is also trying to succeed in French and golf. He loves reading, and he now sets the time to read more books. Harry enjoys networking and being with other entrepreneurs and helping in private equity, financial technology, and venture capital.

How he brings ideas to life

Harry Harrison is a unique entrepreneur because he is humble and loves diversification and collaborating with others. These are some of the ideas that have helped him to succeed in his career and life. He believes that working as a team is an excellent idea because it helps in generating ideas that are innovative. When it comes to financial services, different entrepreneurs have different ideas, and that is why collaboration is essential when making decisions and generating ideas.

Exciting trends

Harry Harrison is excited about what is happening in the financial world in the current information age. He is excited about the emergence of new companies with exceptional creativity and innovation. He says although they may not be fintech directly they have products and services with the applicability of the insurance industry and rely on market efficiency.

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