Betsy Devos: Publicly Polite in Private a Fighter

During her eventful first year as Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos went to Florida and visited some public and private schools. During the trip, she made some public appearances with the Rapper Pitbull. She was not deterred by public criticism of the Florida Rapper from commenters that suggested his rap lyrics were inappropriate and anti-female. Mrs. DeVos focused on Pitbull’s leadership and contributions in the education space.


The popular performer sponsored several charter schools including a location in his hometown of Miami. Mrs.DeVos reached out to Pitbull to endorse his initiative and acknowledge the type of effort that benefits education in the US. Pitbull’s charter schools offered parents and families choices that might meet their educational needs and preferences.


– The Public Education Debate

When nominated to become Secretary of Education, Mrs. DeVos was the center of a storm. The had long been a raging debate in the US about public support of charter schools. While public education has been a pillar of public education in the US, there were numerous cases of failure to meet community needs. In some cases, charter schools, and faith-based schools filled community needs. Mrs. DeVos believes in pluralism in education. It is the idea that there are many valuable sources of education in the US and that public schools are one.


– Betsy DeVos in Michigan

Mrs. DeVos earned a reputation in Michigan civic life and Republican politics. She was widely known as a fighter. She expressed strong views on charter schools for Michigan youth by words, philanthropy, and political action. She emerged as an advocate for voucher programs that gave families of all income levels an opportunity to choose private, faith-based, and charter schools for their children. She was persistent, strong, and resilient in the face of setbacks.


– Secretary DeVos Is a Fighter

Mrs. DeVos grew up on Western Michigan. Her family was an important part of in a community based on Dutch immigrants in Holland Michigan. She attended private schools and Calvin College. She was well-versed in the Calvinist Reformation and its acceptance of pluralism. As Secretary. She has not forgotten the principles that guided her thus far. Public education is a vital source of education in the US, and it should stand with other important sources such as faith-based, non-profit, and charter institutions.


– Mrs. DeVos Is a Team Player.

As a member of the Administration, she urges her positions. When the policy decisions go against those views, she still supports her commitment to leadership. She does not stop fighting, and by her record, she has demonstrated a firm dedication to her beliefs on education. There are many viable ways to educate US children; the families are in the best position to choose.


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