Dr. Johanan Rand Teaches Patients To Reset Metablolism And Combat Effects Of Aging

Dr. Johanan Rand has long possessed a sincere desire to help his patients with the many complications that can result from aging and this is the passion that drives the work he performs at the Healthy Medical Center. Patients of Dr. Rand benefit from the unique integrative approach he has developed to make use of the regenerative properties of medicine.

The many treatments offered at the Healthy Medical Center include addressing symptoms of menopause, addressing problems with libido, treatments for erectile dysfunction, muscle atrophy, and so much more.


Nutrition Is Key

Dr. Johanan Rand attests to the fact that nutrition is the first line of defense against aging and disease. To this end, Dr. Rand is the developer of a diet plan known as the HCG diet. The concept behind Dr. Rand’s creation is the use of a hormone that is produced by women when pregnant. The hormone is produced by the placenta and is responsible for nourishing the embryo during its development.

Studies have shown that the use of this hormone is useful in the prevention of muscle wasting when paired with healthy diets that facilitate weight loss.

Dr. Johanan Rand has made his HCG diet available to patients who are committed to their anti-aging goals and are desiring of quick results as a reward for their efforts.


What Patients Can Expect

Patients that seek the services of Dr. Johanan Rand at the Healthy Medical Center located in West Orange, New Jersey will be afforded the benefits of the many years of training and expertise Dr. Rand has in regards to the weight loss and anti-aging benefits of the HCG diet. Patients also will have there burden eased by the compassion Dr. Rand constantly demonstrates for his patients while under his care.

The Healthy Medical Center performs complete blood work on patients and then analyzes this data along with diet and exercise habits of the individual. This gives Dr. Rand a complete picture of what is going on with each patient and allows him to make adjustments to the HCG diet to best suit their individual needs.


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