Rodrigo Terpins: The Entrepreneur Turned Off Road Driver

Rodrigo Terpins might be known for being incredibly popular off-road driver, but few know of the road that he took to get there. Rodrigo Terpins is someone who stuck to his true passion in life and decided to make a name for himself in it. He has always been someone who believed in hard work and dedication to be able to rise to the top and lived out that principle in every endeavor that he took on.



When Rodrigo Terpins was growing up, he possessed a strong love for sports. He wanted to try his hand at every sport that he could think of and was encouraged to do so by his father as well. One of the first sport that he took on was basketball. He worked hard to make it to his school and college teams and trained hard every day. He took part in several sporting events in his school and college days. When he graduated from college, he decided that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Being a people’s person, he found it easy to get a footing in this sector, and was responsible for several successful projects. Even though he was doing incredibly well for himself, his love for sports was always calling out to him. Check out




He decided to participate in a few off-road challenges and found it something that he was incredibly interested in. He then went on to earn a number of important competitions, and soon started gaining more and more popularity for what he did. It also worked in his favor that he could take part and train in this sport while being an entrepreneur. He was actively taking on projects while doing events at the same time.



Today, Terpins has switched his priorities around and now focus more on off-road events and then following that his entrepreneurial ventures. Because of how much attention he has been getting for his sport, he has been offered numerous sponsorships and deals. People all over the country look up to him for his skill and the performances that he puts forth when he takes part in any competitions or events.


Bob Reina, a CEO with a passion for helping others and a strong commitment to giving back to his family, his friends and his community

Talk Fusion was born after a house tour by its founder, Bob Reina, during which he attempted to email video content to his family and the service provider did not allow it. This served as the “light bulb” moment and he immediately called an IT expert friend of his to develop the idea. Much to their fortune, this idea and its subsequent business, not only were great, but they came about at the right time to spell success; it experienced swift growth because of the fail safe formula of encountering a problem and finding its solution better than the rest.

At first, customer attraction came by way of Reina’s previous experience. In the world of network marketing, it is common and well advised to speak to people one already knows and have a business relationship with. Specifically, speak to them about business in terms of the potential benefits. This was the very strategy Bob applied, coupled with spreading the word to everyone else he knew, whether these were individuals involved in the network marketing industry or not.

The company has developed a number of products that have focused on providing pure results with a humanistic touch; Bob is passionate about helping others and believes in giving back. The marketing strategy is based on direct selling, another area in which Reina is well versed. So much so, that Talk Fusion’s products have reached more than 140 countries.

As for the future of Talk Fusion, it looks bright. As an innovative company and one in constant evolution, it remains on top of all the changes that happen in the world. It is a leader and trendsetter in its industry and it is currently working on an educational platform called Talk Fusion University. Its goal is to provide associates the knowledge they need to elevate their business and procure further success.

Bob Reina is a graduate of the University of South Florida and a former police officer who graduated at the top of his police academy class. He worked as a part-time direct selling associate, an industry which helped him obtain two decades of experience he greatly benefited from. Experience has taught him that success requires commitment over many years. Learn more:

His days start at 5:30 a.m. when he checks his emails and arranges the day’s activities. He arrives at the office by 8:30 to find a team already working toward the next big idea that will contribute to the continued realization of the company’s vision. His own schedule is full from the beginning of the day until the very end, sometimes later than that. He makes it a point to never slow down because of the importance of leading by example.