An Unstoppable Force In Philanthropy The Driving Force Behind The Philanthropy Of George Soros

The force of philanthropy that George Soros works with sets the stage for how others give in the world. George is able to set this philanthropic stage because of the drive behind his work. There’s a reason for why George Soros is a leading philanthropic figure. His work, which stems from a long history in the world of transition, is only coming into focus today.

We focus today on the nature of philanthropy when your past brings you to a place of remembrance. What George Soros remembers are the calls of war and the pledge he made to himself. Mr. Soros found himself stranded in home country of Hungary at a time when Nazis threatened the life he now lives. He became a refugee and never forgot about it.

From Rags To Wall Street

The interest in the story of George Soros rests with the idea of coming from a dark place and then transitioning into one of the greatest social platforms ever. Mr. Soros made a recent donation to the Open Society Foundation of roughly $18 billion. This action shows us just how far from rags he came and how much further he can go at his age.

The story of rags deals with George’s past as a refugee.

His wealth on Wall Street was then solidified when he rearranged single investment that pinned him as the single man to ever break the bank of England. What really occurred was a trade that made George Soros one billion dollars in a day and then over two billion within that same year’s completion.

The Objective In Building A Legacy

There’s a legacy that George Soros seeks to build, and his days in retirement offer him the best opportunities for real impact. The impact of Mr. Soros is both cultural and financial. His personal strategy has always been clear, and it lies in the system of building tremendous amounts of wealth. The next step is to devise a giving system.

The structure of giving used by Mr. Soros rests within the organization he helped to start.

This is the Open Society Foundations. The agency works in world transition by aiding emerging nations and the identities of their people to find a better democratic place in the world. The end result is a major force in philanthropy who just received $18 billion in donations from George Soros.

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Being A Good Philanthropist, Adam Milstein Offers Advice To Others

Someone who knows all about philanthropy, Adam Milstein is motivated by it. He spends a majority of his time focused on giving back to the Jewish community. For him, he feels motivated by it, driven by it and blessed to be a part of it. The more someone gets involved in it, the more satisfying it is.

Adam Milstein offers his advice to others about getting involved with foundations and organizations. The one thing that he stresses to others is to stay committed to what you believe in. What ever the cause is, you should learn to grow with the organization or foundation you are working in.

Keep this in mind, when you decide to give back to the community. It becomes easy to become overwhelmed with all the organizations out there. You want to avoid spreading yourself too thin. You will want to consider the issues that feel most important to you and what you feel so passionate about. This is where you will want to focus your attention the most on.

Adam Milstein has learned early on what his passions were and where he should focus his attention on the most. The State of Israel is where he spends his attention and focus on the most. Educating others on their beliefs and the things that they should spread to others about their history. When you first begin a life in philanthropy, you want to only start with a few causes. Once you know what you are doing and how you can help, then you can start increasing little by little.

Adam Milstein knows what it takes to be an active philanthropist and wants others to know that if you are a good philanthropist, you don’t feel the need to be dedicated to just one single cause. You are not looking to be a social paria. You are doing this to feel better about yourself and to help others in the cause that you believe in.

For Adam Milstein, he knows that being a good philanthropist involves more than simply writing a check for the cause. You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and begin contributing to the foundation or organization that you believe in.

Expansion and modernization of the infrastructure sector in Brazil

According to Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, Investment Partnership Program (PPI) project coordination secretary, the government is planning to conduct 18 infrastructure auctions by the last four months of the year. Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure projects experts, says that the secretary in June gave an assurance that the schedule would not be modified regardless of the current political discussions the Brazilian Government is going through.

Freitas said that the auctions would start in September 2017, and will work simultaneously with the discussions held in Congress. He continued to say that the PPI is ready for criticism from the private sector due to the large contractors being hit by the Lava Jato denunciation. Felipe Jens points out that the program targets the participation of new players in the concession.

Productivity challenge

Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas notes that the main challenge in Brazil that deters the increase of productivity lies in the expansion and modernization of the infrastructure sector. He advises that Brazil need to break away from the vicious cycle that reduces unemployment by driving away investors. He emphasized the importance of building on projects serves as the major advantage for the Investments Partnership Programs.

In the auction of transmission lines that happened in April, they created a hub attached to the ministries focusing on selecting projects that are succeeding and are attractive to the private sector. Felipe says that the auction was one of the largest in history.

PPI objectives

PPI focuses on correcting the past mistakes committed by the Public-Private Partnerships due to State over-intervention that resulted in the imbalance of project risk. Freitas when asked on whether the past errors by PPP in the recent years had any influences the foreign investor’s decisions he cited the presence of international investors in the airport concessions held in March.

The presence of foreign investors was an indication to the investors that the government had dropped the anti-business line and proceeded to the pro-business line with the president Michel Temer.

Felipe Jens reports that the rise to the presidency of Michel Temer in August 2016 saw PPI held 44 auctions in the infrastructure area. This translated to the capturing of R $23 billion of investment during his first year of administration.

The Best Color Ideas for Your Home Wainscoting

One of the most effective ways to transform the looks of a room is to change the color of the walls. And don’t forget that walls don’t come alone. They come with bead boards, moldings, arched openings, window casing, and ceiling trims. The secret of adding an architectural interest and making the room warmer is to combine the right colors.

But then again not all rooms are the same and thus finding the right combination of colors is a tad difficult. The wrong color and you might bring a low ceiling even further down. So there is a lot to take into account before you actually paint a room.



How to add architectural interest by painting the wainscoting panels

Traditionally, classic wainscoting panels are white. And this continues to be a great idea, but not the only one. The key to succeeding with your painting projects in rooms with wainscoted walls is to consider the architectural effects. In order to do that you must take into account the architectural structure of the space.

  • Is the ceiling low and you want to push it up? In this case, the upper parts of the wall, including the ceiling molding must be white or painted with light colors.
  • Is the ceiling high and you want to bring it down? In this case, the upper parts of the wall must be painted in darker shades. You can even paint the sunken parts of the coffered ceiling in a darker shade.

But what if the flat panel already covers the 2/3 of an average sized wall? With rather low ceilings, tall wainscotings and contrasting colors will only bring the ceiling lower. What you should do to avoid that is paint both the wainscot and wall the same color – preferably white or a light shade. offered so many wainscoting styles that you can consider for making an excellent decoration for your home.


Which wall decors and elements affect the color choices?

  • If you plan to paint the wall panel wainscoting but there is a wallpaper right above it, be extra careful with the colors you choose. The more complex the pattern and the darker the color of the wallpaper’s texture, the lighter the wainscoting should be.
  • And then the colors you choose for both the wainscot and wall depend on the size of the room and how much natural light comes in. Small rooms need lighter colors to look larger. Natural light helps. So if there are rather big windows in the room, you can use darker shades.
  • If you don’t have wainscoted walls but want to paint them to create the impression that there is a board, draw the line at 1/3 up the wall and use contrasting colors as to not bring the ceiling down – unless this is your intention.



What’s your intention when painting a room?

If you aim at enhancing drama, dare to use intense colors and dark shades. But don’t forget that the color of the wall will act as the backdrop of any wall décor. And artwork adds color too.

If you want to pinpoint the presence of the raised panel, paint it dark. Don’t be afraid to paint the wainscoting black or dark blue. If you have the syndrome of white walls only but want to make color changes, invest in light gray. It’s elegant, brings out the beauty of wainscots, and will add a splash of architectural interest.

Which room are we talking about?

Want to paint the bedroom? Bathroom? Living room? The beadboard wainscoting in the bathroom is traditionally white. But not necessarily white. You can paint it black, gray, or green. Whatever makes your day! But when it comes to bedrooms, you need a color to relax you. Choose blue and white combos, but also grays and whites, or all white. For any other room in the house, you need to consider the ceiling height, the room size, but also the decorative style.

For example: in the dining room, you might have a recessed panel covering the entire wall. You don’t have to keep it white even if the ceiling is not high. But you should prefer light shades, like gray or beige.


The importance of colors to your life

Colors have a tendency to bring out emotional reactions. As a rule of thumb, dark shades are more dramatic and shrink rooms while whites and light shades evoke happy feelings and enlarge the space. So, your choices depend on the room, its height and size, and how much sunlight comes in. What’s vital is to create an environment you like and feel comfortable in. So, apart from choosing the colors you like in regard to the above factors, pay attention to the color of the trims.

The traditional idea is to match the color of the wainscoting baseboard and the ceiling moulding. But who said that a black wainscot along with the chair rail and baseboard won’t match with a white ceiling trim? It all depends on your taste and the room architectural structure.

Two tips before your wainscoting painting efforts

  • If you plan wainscoting installation now, paint the board before you install it.
  • Semi-gloss colors are perhaps the best idea. Oil based ones are very hard to apply but then again recommended if the wainscoting wasn’t primed.

First Class Bank Empowering Women And Girls

NexBank SSB is now a proud sponsor of the Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd Annual Luncheon. NexBank has gifted $100,000 to the foundation and plans to support its efforts in advancing women’s economic security.

The 2017′ Annual Luncheon is scheduled for the 20th of October, at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Hope Jahren will be a part of this event as well. Dr. Jahren is an award winning scientist and author. In addition to being a best-selling author, Dr. Jahren has been named one of the top 100 influential people by Time Magazine. The keynote address made by Dr. Jahren will be live-streamed across North Texas to 20 different schools and roughly 10,000 students.

The Annual Luncheon expects over 1,300 leaders from all walks of life in attendance. The Dallas Women’s Foundation takes first place as the world’s largest regional fund for women. It has impacted women and girls across the nation. NexBank SSB has assets worth over $6 billion and a charter dating back to 1922′. This regional bank provides an array of services for both private and public sectors.

NexBank has kept its clients as a top priority for nearly 100 years now. Putting their clients first has always been their main objective and that’s what sets them apart from their competitors. With highly skilled professionals on their team you can expect to have world class service.

For personal banking NexBank has checking and savings account options in addition to mortgage loans to help you land that dream home you have been wanting your whole life. Mortgage loans are handled by local professionals within the community to ensure quick execution times. For the savvy real estate investors needing real estate loans look no further. NexBank SSB offers some attractive commercial real estate loans that are second to none. Come experience what is means to be family at NexBank today.