Why Securus Technologies Is Making State Prisons Safer

If you want to know why Securus Technologies is making prisons safer, the answer is that the company has a single objective to make the world safe. If you want to know how they are making these facilities safer, that requires a little more explanation. I can tell you that as a corrections officers in a dangerous state jail, my team welcomes any sort of technology that will keep the inmates from thinking they run the prison and give officers the chance to take back a degree of control.


A little background on why we have come to trust the team at Securus Technologies. They are based out of Dallas, Texas, the company employees over one thousand of the most hard-working and dedicated employees, and their call monitoring system is already aiding officers in over 2,475 prisons around the country. When the CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, talks about his company, you know that they are all on board concerning making our facility safer.


Now that we know how the LBS software operates the monitoring sytem, we were eager to see exactly what type of chatter it would uncover. The software is working behind the scenes to listen to each call the inmates make on the house phones, and the huge drop in violent episodes is just more assurance that the technology is working.


The first month the Securus Technologies monitoring system was operational in our prison, it alerted my team when one inmate was complaining to his friend about how he was being forced to sell drugs and be a mule for a gang in the jail. One inmate talked openly about how his cellmate gets liquid drugs poured on his letters so he simply eats the mail. Another revealed who was sneaking in drugs to inmates at the call center.

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