EOS Lip Balm Flavors Are More Than Just Flavorful

When you seek out a product that is good for you and that will also make you feel beautiful, Evolution of Smooth is the line to trust says evolutionofsmooth.de. EOS is creating products that you can enjoy while making you more beautiful than you would feel with other lip balm brands.

EOS is full of the nutrients that you need to have a gorgeous smile. The ingredients found in EOS includes shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. There are some specific types of EOS that are made to be vegan friendly by removing the beeswax from the lip balm.

The EOS lip balm is dermatologist tested and endorsed and creates the feel of beautiful lips without making them feel sticky like most other brands that have petrolatum and paraben wax. The number of lip balms that you can purchase from EOS include shimmering lip balms, organic lip balm and vegan free lip balm.

If you are looking for a lip balm that will bring some color to your luscious lips, shimmer lip balm in sheer pink will increase the color of your lips much like lipstick but provides the nutrients that you do not get with applying lipstick.

If you want something that adds more moisture to your lips, the visibly soft line is the choice to go to. The line of EOS is created with coconut milk and is flavored to some of your favorite flavor, buy here at amazon.de. You can choose from Blackberry Nectar to Peppermint Mocha. The different flavors can be applied together or used individually.

If you want a brand that is going to taste delicious while adding the nutrients needed, EOS organic brands are the perfect choice. Available in delicious scents like Strawberry Sorbet or Passionfruit. All flavors will wrap your lips in a delicious flavor that will leave you longing for a wonderful desert upon applying the lip balm.


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