Wen Gives Incredible Results For All Types Of Hair

Are recent article in Bustle covered a beauty writer’s experience with the hair care product WEN. She had seen from QVC ads that the product did amazing things to her hair, so she wanted to find out for herself. She read the directions carefully before she proceeded. She noticed that it called for a rather large amount to properly cleanse her medium length hair.

She applied the product and worked it in through her hair and then rinsed it out gently. She dried her hair and was amazed at the transformation that took place. Her hair had bounce, shine, and was manageable. She couldn’t wait to show her friends at work the next day. When she woke up, however, she noticed that her hair was limp and oily. She had the same experience for a few days. She decided to wake up early and wash her hair in the morning instead of the evening. She was happy to report that her hair looked great all day and her friends even commented on how great her hair looked. She decided that she would recommend the product to anyone that wanted to give their hair a boost and help to protect is while also cleaning it thoroughly.

Wen is a cleansing conditioner that was created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. He wanted to give his clients healthy shiny hair without having to use damaging conventional hair products. He used botanicals and natural oils to create the Guthy-Renker endorsed Wen product. He began using it in his salons, but other people saw the incredible results and soon the Wen line was available in stores all over the country. Most major salons now carry Wen, as well as big-box retail stores. People all over are huge fans of Wen and refuse to use anything else on their hair.

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What A College Roommate Says About Tony Petrello

Lloyd Grove knew Tony Petrello when he was just 18 yr old. Now Tony is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Nabors. He was Lloyd’s freshman-year roommate.

At that time, Tony Petrello was skinny and having a public-school scholarship. He came from working-class Newark. He had a thick Jersey accent and was an extrovert.

Tony Petrello was the smart math whiz. He was always scribbling proofs of various theorems on napkins. In fact, he was a genius at age 18. But he opted for law school rather than being a brilliant academic who would have done groundbreaking work in the mathematics field.

Then Lloyd Grove lost touch with him. Tony Petrello spent the 80s in a corporate practice for a law firm, Baker & McKenzie. He was based in Manhattan. Then he received a job offer from Nabors Industries. This was one of the firm’s clients. This job was based in Houston. In 1991, he became its President as well as Chief Operating Officer in 1991. He was running the company by 2011 and getting richer.

During that time, Tony Petrello married Cynthia Carrafa. She is a soap-opera actress as well as producer. She was his college girlfriend too. They started a family. This was when they became involved in philanthropy too.

Tony Petrello donated $7 million as seed funding for the Texas Children’s Hospital. This was for their neurological department. His daughter, Carena, was born prematurely and developed cerebral palsy. When Lloyd tried to contact him, Tony Petrello immediately responded back through e-mail.

Vincent Parascandola is Leading AXA Advisors, LLC into Becoming an International Insurance solutions Provider

Vincent Parascandola is an American business mogul whose expertise lies in management development, recruiting solutions, and development of experienced and new financial professionals. Parascandola is the current Senior VP of a financial services company known as AXA Advisors LLC.

Academic Background

Parascandola is an ex-student of Pace University that is based in New York. Having graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree from the learning institution, Parascandola has been hosted as a motivational speaker by the institution’s administration. He spoke to Pace University’s 2014 graduands during their graduation ceremony.

Professional Background

Vincent Parascandola has worked for several financial companies as an agent and an executive. During his tenure with Prudential, he bagged the National Rookie of the Year award. In 1990, MONY Life Insurance hired him as an agent. Due to his commitment and diligence, he was promoted to several executive positions at the company’s local and regional offices.

The Advantage Group also hired Parascandola as its president. The company operates as an arm of AXA Equitable and focuses on attracting proficient financial professionals. Parascandola also served as the manager of The Advantage Group’s New York Metro Branch. At the subsidiary, he worked with over 400 financial professionals who are affiliated with the firm.

AXA Advisors, LLC was established as a retail subsidiary of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. Its parent company is regarded as one of the premier life insurance providers in the United States. With the help of executives, such as Vincent Parascandola, AXA Advisors excels in serving clients with products and strategies for financial protection. The firm is known for its quality asset allocation, estate planning, and retirement financial solutions.

Awards and Recognitions

Vincent Parascandola has been a recipient of numerous prestigious awards throughout his 25 years career. These include the Master Agency Award and the Career Development Award by GAMA. Parascandola has also proven to be proficient in public speaking.

He was one of the guest speakers during GAMA’s National LAMP Meeting. Besides being an active member of GAMA, he was the president of the institution’s Florida Chapter. Parascandola has also attended and spoken at several LIMRA distribution conferences.