The Exemplary Life of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a successful business person based in Michigan. Many came to know him in 2006 when he presented himself as a candidate for Michigan’s governor post. Unluckily he lost the position to his opponent, but this did not halt him from assisting his people. Dick DeVos is the President of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a platform that has transformed hundreds of lives in Grand Rapids area. In 2010, DeVos established the West Michigan Aviation School. This particular program was the nation’s first aviation public high school that created a possibility for interested students to attend school at no cost. Dick is an resurgent aviator while his wife has a great interest in the education sector which saw her being selected by President-elect Donald Trump as the secretary of education.

Since 2009, DeVos Foundation has been issuing financial support to ArtPrize, a competition based in Dick’s hometown. In 2010, together with his wife, Dick presented the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management with $22.5 million and with that it was renamed the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. The donation was the largest contribution that the institution had ever received hence had to share part of it with other arts groups in Michigan which had been hit hard by the economic crisis.

DeVos Foundation also promotes the free-market economics. The foundation donates money to organizations such as Grand Rapids-based Acton Institute, Hudson Institute, and the Heritage Foundation; which support the free market. In 2008, Dick and his wife founded The Dick & DeVos Scholarships. The foundation gives donations annually to Northwood University through scholarships, buildings and financial assistance to support students who wish to earn a BBA or BBA/MBA from the institution. Also, Dick’s foundation helps MA, MS and MBA students at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Besides, in 2011, Dick and Betsy donated $500000 towards an 18-month program meant to study the Lake Macatawa pollution sources.

The son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos is the President of Windquest Group, a venture that converts waste heat into electricity. Dick started working with his father’s corporation in 1974 holding different positions within the company. In 1984, Dick, a father of four, become Amway’s vice president charged with handling foreign sales. Under his leadership, the company experienced incredible international sales for the first time in its lifetime.

In 1993, Dick left Orlando Magic where he was serving as the President and CEO to succeed his father as Amway’s President. Under his management, the company has experienced tremendous growth regarding sales and market expansion. In 2000, Together with his brother, Dick monitored the restructuring of Amway to create Alticor placing their company in a global market. Judging from his contributions, Dick is an entrepreneur just like any other. However, his philanthropic acts put him on a different level.

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