Harry Harrison believes in diversity, humility, and collaboration

Harrison had been working with Barclays Non-Core which is based in London. He worked here from 2014 to 2017. Harrison is experienced in the banking sector having worked at Barclays for two decades. He was involved in the investment and trading. He attended the University of Warwick where he earned his degree in economics. Harry proceeded to the University of Cambridge and studied Master of Philosophy in Finance. Currently, he lives in New York with his wife, Amy Nauiokas. He runs an advisory and investment company known as Anthemis Group where he serves as the president. Harry is the founder of the company.

Where he got the idea of the company

Harry had always been curious about how organizations work. He wanted to discover how business ideas or models are transformed from theory to being micro-organizations. He was also concerned with the macro forces that lead to market function. That is why he decided to study economics in school and advanced his education because he wanted to have the knowledge required to thrive in business. After completing school, he was already convinced that all he would do was to venture into something related to finance. He launched his career over twenty years ago, and since then he has worked hard to be where he is today.

How he makes his day productive

According to Harry, he does not have a typical day. He had been working at Barclays which is a large organization, and after making it achieve its goals, he decided he wanted to take a break. His main aim of taking a break was to explore the world outside working for a large financial corporation. He says it has been different since he quit his job. Harry is happy to be at home and spend time with his family. He has experienced how it is like being with his kids. He has to be there to play with them, help them with their assignments, go for field trips and handle any problems they may face in their daily activities. During his free time, he tries pilates and yoga, and he is also trying to succeed in French and golf. He loves reading, and he now sets the time to read more books. Harry enjoys networking and being with other entrepreneurs and helping in private equity, financial technology, and venture capital.

How he brings ideas to life

Harry Harrison is a unique entrepreneur because he is humble and loves diversification and collaborating with others. These are some of the ideas that have helped him to succeed in his career and life. He believes that working as a team is an excellent idea because it helps in generating ideas that are innovative. When it comes to financial services, different entrepreneurs have different ideas, and that is why collaboration is essential when making decisions and generating ideas.

Exciting trends

Harry Harrison is excited about what is happening in the financial world in the current information age. He is excited about the emergence of new companies with exceptional creativity and innovation. He says although they may not be fintech directly they have products and services with the applicability of the insurance industry and rely on market efficiency.

Find out more about Harry Harrison: https://eqliving.com/amy-nauiokas-trades-wall-street-for-a-horse-farm/

Peter Briger: Funding For a Disruptive World

In an age of change in terms of how businesses are started and run, Peter Briger and other Princeton Alumni are stepping in to help the new generation discover and progress their talents in the ever-changing landscape of the world of entrepreneurship. Recently, a pilot funding program has been created by Peter Briger and other Princeton alumni to formulate a permanent fund in order to further amplify Princeton’s core educational mission. This program will be monumental in what it offers, those chosen can expect to have some of the best minds as mentors and a fund of up to $100,000 to be used for their star up.

The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) has been put on the forefront of the entrepreneurship advisory committee due to its necessity for current alumni seeking aid for their ventures. Peter Briger states that these students are entering into a disruptive time in business, and if the support and funds are not there then they will sink. In addition, this program would seek to encourage creativity, risk, and innovation that otherwise would not be possible.

So. how will it work? Four teams which have already been chosen for the pilot program will be set up with not only a fund for their projects but also face to face meetings with other alumni’s working in their field, they will mostly play a mentor role in their journey.

Peter Briger is no stranger to risk, creativity and innovation as he has worked for investment banks that do business all over the world. Peter Briger is a principal and co-chairman of the board of directors of Fortress Investment Group and previously a partner for Goldman, Sachs. Peter stated recently that he is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to put this program together and will continuously work towards making it a first-class reality. Peter Briger Jr: Fortress Investment Group’s King of Debt

Visit his LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterbriger

Gulf Coast Western Has Taken Made Significant Moves To Develop Lasting And High-Quality Partnerships:

Gulf Coast Western is an exploratory oil and gas venturer that has a reputation for attaining success through its extensive knowledge and experience in its industry. The company proudly serves in the capacity of managing venturer for the development and exploration of gas reserves and oil reserves that can be found in the U.S. states of Colorado, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. At the current time, Gulf Coast Western has thousands of acres of property that have been designated for development due to the fact that they are actively producing sites. This work is being done alongside Gulf Coast Western’s trusted Joint Venture Partners. With this in mind, the company is looking forward to productively drilling in these regions for many years into the future.

As a part of the company’s commitment to exploratory ventures, Gulf Coast Western is always looking for opportunities to increase and expand its activities in the area of exploration as well as the area of development. These opportunities are sought after through gas and oil plays that have been proven to be viable. Gulf Coast Western also takes great pains to ensure that specific geophysical and geological attributes are present in any prospective area that the company endeavor’s to work in. The company holds itself to a strict set of criteria in this particular regard.

The track record that Gulf Coast Western enjoys is an impressive one, to put it mildly. The company’s start was in 1970 and since then Gulf Coast Western has made tremendous efforts to develop strong relationships with partners who are fully accredited. The company maintains an attitude that mutual trust between partners in business is an absolute must. With this in mind, the team at Gulf Coast Western looks forward to a bright future that is full of continued successes.

Matthew Fleeger

A mover and shaker in the oil and gas industry, Matthew Fleeger is a budding businessperson turned established entrepreneur. Embarking on his career fresh out of college, Fleeger earned a degree from Southern Methodist University before cementing his eminence in his field. In the hopes of developing a keen understanding of his trade, Fleeger pursued numerous opportunities while his career was in its infancy. From entry-level jobs to executive positions, Fleeger mounted the industry ladder with grace. The information he’d gleaned from his vast experience played a large part in helping Fleeger establish his own corporation.

In 1993, after seven years in his industry, Fleeger took the ultimate leap when he founded MedSolutions, a disposal and treatment company. In essence, Fleeger’s corporation was responsible for the management of waste that healthcare facilities neglected to dispose of. As time progressed, MedSolutions became a regional leader in the healthcare waste management industry. With that said, the company was utterly thriving under Fleeger’s sage counsel. The organization grew by such leaps and bounds that other disposal corporations were keen to acquire Fleeger’s top-tier industry. In 2007, Fleeger received a proposal that would soon change the course of his career.

Stericycle, a company responsible for the collection of waste, offered Fleeger a handsome sum in exchange for ownership of MedSolutions. After some tough negotiating, Fleeger sold MedSolutions for nearly $60 million. No doubt a savvy business move, Fleeger left the company with exceedingly deep pockets. Once Fleeger parted ways with MedSolutions, he began working for his family’s company, Gulf Coast Western. Given Fleeger’s experience as a leader, his father appointed him CEO. Though Fleeger is currently at the helm of operations, he dedicates time to investing in promising industries as well. Some other undertakings Fleeger’s known for include co-founding Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan.

Betsy Devos: Publicly Polite in Private a Fighter

During her eventful first year as Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos went to Florida and visited some public and private schools. During the trip, she made some public appearances with the Rapper Pitbull. She was not deterred by public criticism of the Florida Rapper from commenters that suggested his rap lyrics were inappropriate and anti-female. Mrs. DeVos focused on Pitbull’s leadership and contributions in the education space.


The popular performer sponsored several charter schools including a location in his hometown of Miami. Mrs.DeVos reached out to Pitbull to endorse his initiative and acknowledge the type of effort that benefits education in the US. Pitbull’s charter schools offered parents and families choices that might meet their educational needs and preferences.


– The Public Education Debate

When nominated to become Secretary of Education, Mrs. DeVos was the center of a storm. The had long been a raging debate in the US about public support of charter schools. While public education has been a pillar of public education in the US, there were numerous cases of failure to meet community needs. In some cases, charter schools, and faith-based schools filled community needs. Mrs. DeVos believes in pluralism in education. It is the idea that there are many valuable sources of education in the US and that public schools are one.


– Betsy DeVos in Michigan

Mrs. DeVos earned a reputation in Michigan civic life and Republican politics. She was widely known as a fighter. She expressed strong views on charter schools for Michigan youth by words, philanthropy, and political action. She emerged as an advocate for voucher programs that gave families of all income levels an opportunity to choose private, faith-based, and charter schools for their children. She was persistent, strong, and resilient in the face of setbacks.


– Secretary DeVos Is a Fighter

Mrs. DeVos grew up on Western Michigan. Her family was an important part of in a community based on Dutch immigrants in Holland Michigan. She attended private schools and Calvin College. She was well-versed in the Calvinist Reformation and its acceptance of pluralism. As Secretary. She has not forgotten the principles that guided her thus far. Public education is a vital source of education in the US, and it should stand with other important sources such as faith-based, non-profit, and charter institutions.


– Mrs. DeVos Is a Team Player.

As a member of the Administration, she urges her positions. When the policy decisions go against those views, she still supports her commitment to leadership. She does not stop fighting, and by her record, she has demonstrated a firm dedication to her beliefs on education. There are many viable ways to educate US children; the families are in the best position to choose.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Fortress Investment Group Has Incorporated Innovation to Serve Customer Professionally

Many people who have knowledge about financial industry know Fortress Investment Group as an organization that has played a significant role in demonstrating how companies should register in the stock exchange. This remains to be one of the most renowned factor that brought the organization to international level. However, the company has been known for other important roles such as being the best entity in incorporating technology in asset Management Company.

The founder of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone, wanted to start an organization that is different from other financial management companies in the industry. Most of the financial organizations operating at this period were not offering quality financial services because they had not incorporated any form of technology. This means that most of the services that the customers were getting were not commensurate with what they were paying.

Fortress Investment Group incorporated technology in activities with the sole aim of ensuring that the customers received quality services. The customer department was instituted with some of the most advanced technology such as modern consumers with management software that focused on ensuring that they were providing services to all the customers who were visiting the organization. The large number of the customers who were visiting the organization received immediate services. This was a different approach as compared to other organizations that were offering low quality services to their customers.

Technology was also incorporated with an aim of ensuring that the entity was able to understand the financial industry better. For example, it was difficult to conduct financial industry because not many companies were not able to determine the challenges facing the industry. One of the main purpose of technology was to help in performing financial forecasting, which would help the entity to minimize the losses.

Additionally, Fortress Investment Group wanted to operate efficiently than other financial industry that were spending much money in their operations which was minimizing their income. This explains why a significant number of asset managers in the industry were experiencing losses. However, incorporating technology helped the entity to operate efficiently. For example, the company could minimize the number of employees hence saving much money that could be used in other activities.

Learn More: www.inc.com/profile/fortress-investment-group

Professional Excellence of Peter Briger

Mr. Peter Briger serves as the co-chairman of the board of directors at Fortress Investment Group, a position he has held since 2006. He was elected as the co-chairman In 2006. He has also served in the Management committee of the Fortress investment Group since 2002 and is charged with the responsibilities at Credit and Real Estate Business within Fortress investment Group.

He is a self-made billionaire and is one of the wealthiest people in America. Before joining Fortress investment Group, he worked at the Goldman Sachs for 15 years. Together with Robert Kauffman, Michael Novogrtaz, Randal Nardone, and Wesley Edens, they worked hard for their way to become self-made billionaires. Peter Briger attended Princeton University and proceeded to the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a master’s degree in business administration. He gained finance and business experience before he joined Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger is also Active in philanthropy and has contributed $600 towards the maintenance of Central Park in New York. He also engages in projects tat provide education, poverty reduction and assisting children from low-income families. Over the years, he has dedicated himself to building his career, especially in finance and investments. He sat at several committees, some of them being the Global Control, Japan Executive Committee. He has also played major roles in the company, some of which include whole loan sales and trading business, the unique Opportunities fund, fixed income principal investment group and so on.

Peter Briger has also served as Princeton University investment company board member and funded the professorship at the same university. His knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field of finance are what have earned him a stellar trajectory of his career and a crucial member at the Fortress Investment Group. His leadership qualities are essential in the growth of the Company especially in a bid to remain the leader in offering products that have competitive ability. He is well versed with strategy formulation and implementation, which may shed light as to why he holds different positions at the Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger works hard to assist other upcoming entrepreneurs who are ready and eager to become successful.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterbriger

The role of Wes Edens in the growth of Fortress Investment Group

Those who have ventured into the world of entrepreneurship know that it is not easy to start financial companies. The modern economy has become dynamic and getting an idea off the ground and convincing customers to buy your products and services can be complicated. There need for hard work, dedication and working with those who are interested. That is why some organizations have become successful while others have failed. It is the difference between successful people and those who have failed in their entrepreneurial journey. Organizations like Fortress Investment Group have stood out from the rest because of the dedication of people like Wes Edens. The company began in 1998, and some people did not know the kind of services that were offered by the company. But Wes Edens had the vision, and he has been working hard to see his vision come true.

The idea to start Fortress Investment Group came to him after he had been in the corporate world for years and learned the ropes. While working in the financial industry, he noticed that customers were not getting the kind of services they should get. He knew something needed to be done, and that is why he teamed up with other individuals in the financial industry to start Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens decided to work with other experienced individuals in the sector because he knew doing it alone would be difficult. He made these friends when he was working in the corporate world. He met with professionals like Randal Nardone, and they started Fortress Investment Group.

Their primary target was the market in the United States. They worked hard and soon they had established themselves in the American market. Their vision was to grow the company; hence they decided to focus on the global market. They have been offering some of the best services, and people are happy with the kind of services they get. Wes Edens has been crucial in the growth of the company. He has dedicated his time to ensure there is smooth running. He is credited with the growth of Fortress Investment Group to become a global organization.


Sheldon Lavin builds OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group. He has held this position since the 1980s. His role in the leadership of this company has brought major changes in the foods industry. For a leader who has been in the foods industry for many years, he understands that there is a lot that deserves to be done to make the industry better. For the years that he has been in this industry, this is what he has been pushing for. He has given his life to this industry and he is not ready to leave until he has accomplished his mission.

Sheldon Lavin is a man who has been keen on making sure that the industry is improving by the day. In OSI Group, he has created a plan that has seen the company reach heights of growth that few would have expected. Since he joined the company, he focused on making significant changes based on factors that determine growth in business, he focused on technological developments, consumer satisfaction, and preference as well as the availability of resources to carry out the plans he has. Lavin has taken into consideration these factors, and they are the main reasons why the company has accomplished the success we see so far.

Sheldon Lavin has been working with OSI Group for the past few decades knowing that he is responsible for growth or failure of the company. He is keen on making sure that the company is doing well since he is the only director in the company. Everything that happens with this company will be his responsibility. OSI Group is still being run as a private business. It is ranked by the Forbes as one of the biggest companies in the country with a valuation of $6.1 billion and appears on the list of top 100 private companies.

Sheldon Lavin has assembled a team of experts who help him manage the company. The team looks at all the factors that can determine growth or failure in the company and work on streamlining them. He has received support from his COO who has been a helping hand, especially with the international operations. Sheldon Lavin is happy to bring changes in the food industry and ensure that every single person in the industry is doing the right thing, which is offering better products and services to the people. Lavin will go down as one of the key leaders in the management of the company’s history.

Learn More: www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/

Randal Nardone’s Career Success in the Financial Investment Industry

Many people have tried to venture into the financial industry, but only a few have managed to make a living from the industry. The field is tricky and requires an expert to survive and become a billionaire. There are so many benefits associated with investing in the financial investment and private equity industries. They will come after creating a foundation for oneself.

Randal Nardone is one of the few experts who believe that everything is possible with the right tools in place. He is a lawyer who has managed to leap big in the finance sector. He possesses considerable expertise in both industries, qualifications that make Randal Nardone the best person to fit as the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group.

Randal Nardone’s skills and expertise make him the right person for that executive position. He was appointed in 2013 and has been able to prove that he was the right person for that position. The company has tremendously risen to great heights towards the realization of its dreams and has managed to continue increasing the number of investors.

Randal Nardone is also a co-founder of the company. They established together with three other gentlemen who shared the same idea. He managed to play very significant roles towards the growth of the company especially when they were building the company. All company’s legal matters were directed to him. This is because he is a lawyer by profession and had previously worked in various law firms as a partner before joining Fortress.

Fortress Investment Group has been able to expand because of the inputs of the three investors who have dedicated their skills, knowledge and time towards the company’s growth. They have passionately worked with a lot of dedication towards helping others achieve in their careers. The company has an investment of $43.6 billion as alternative assets which are under the control of 1750 clients both institutional and private as well. They have specialized in credit, real estate, permanent capital and also individual equity expertise. The rate at which the company is growing makes potential customers more, and they have continuously welcomed new clients in the group. With the listing of the company at NYSE, a lot of dreams have subsequently been realized.